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The moon is in Scorpio heading into the weekend. It gets on well with the grand trine in earth which gives structure to the deep emotions of the collective as well as your own. It’s smooth sailing up until Friday night at which point. At that point the moon collides with Mercury in Leo and we should see some theatrics.
I have this Venus/Scorpio square in my chart and cop to liking intense (Scorpio) drama (Leo). Deep emotion can fuel creativity, the way that sex (Scorpio) can make children (Leo) but it’s not always that easy to take. For example, if someone makes a show of your deep emotion or throws a spotlight on your secrets, you’re probably going to seethe.
If walking a tightrope does not appeal to you, spend Friday night watching film noir or something like Chocolat, where sex (Scorpio) is play (Leo). This will allow the energy to be expressed, but spare you a potential hangover and other regrets.
The moon is in Sagittarius on Saturday and Sunday. This is ideal for a weekend trip, outdoor sports, gambling or anything else where you can have a good time.The grand trine in earth will still be in effect so have plenty of food because people are going to want to eat.
Monday and Tuesday the moon is in Capricorn. Generally speaking, the moon is depressed in Capricorn but we’ll enjoy an exception to this this rule this week. This is because the moon will be well supported by Jupiter in Taurus and the Sun and Venus in Virgo aka the grand trine in earth. Good things happen and people feel fortified.
Wednesday is tense. The moon in Capricorn squares exalted Saturn in Libra and debilitated Mars in Cancer. This creates a pressure cooker, however good boundaries will get you by and competence is a great defense.
Have a great week!

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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P


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