FRIENDSHIP DAY ~ Celebrate on August 7, 2011


Friendship Day

Celebrate on August 7, 2011



Friends are the greatest possession of life. A true friend is like a guiding light like who becomes the motivational force behind your success in life. So, in order to commemorate this wonderful relationship, we celebratefriendship day’. Quite often people miss out on this wonderful day just because they don’t know the exact date. Since there is no fixed date of Friendship Day, people tend to keep wondering as when is the ‘Friendship Day’ in this year? If you have been confused about the correct Friendship Day date, the information provided below shall be helpful to you.

Friendship Day is all about showing your dearest friends how much they mean to you. This special day falls on the first Sunday of August every year. In 2011, Friendship Day falls on August 7th. So don’t forget to celebrateit with your dearest friends. Make the day absolutely special for your friend and keep the positive feeling of friendship alive. Present your friends with wonderful gifts and express your love towards them. If you don’t have a friend, make a new one. There is no better day or anything nobler than making a new friend on Friendship Day.
So this year on the 7th of August make sure that you show appreciation and love that you have always had for your friend but never had the time to lavish it. Friendship day is all about showing how much you care. Even if you don’t gift your friend anything, it doesn’t matter as long as you spend time with each other and leave happy. This is the time to make your friends realize how much they mean to you and how life would have been dull without them around. So go ahead and enjoy this day to the fullest!


Tips For Friendship Day Celebrations

  • As friendship day is the only day on which you can reciprocate the love of your dear friend, take out time for a hang-out together.
  • If you are creative enough express your feeling of thankfulness and love in a poem and gift it to your best friend.
  • Make sure you do not forget to at least wish ‘Happy friendship day’ to anyone of your friends.
  • If your college is over and you are busy with your office, make the first Sunday of August every year, a day of rejuvenation and enjoyment with your friends.
  • If some of your dear friend is living far away, felicitate his friendship by sending a token of love (any gift) along with a sweet note.
  • Friendship day can also be the best day to sort out your differences with some dear friend


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