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Cindy Ashton is a consummate singer, entertainer, MC and speaker who inspires and uplifts her audiences through performance.

After surviving 15 years of life threatening illness, she is now living her dream to perform and has been delighting audiences across US and Canada for over 10 years.

Her passion to give back has resulted in receiving President Obama’s “Call to Service” award for her outstanding contribution to her community.

Why Cindy Must Tour!

There were so many times along my own journey when I gave up on my health and my dreams to sing, dance and act. I know, on a very deep level, how infinitely blessed I am to have transformed what seemed like daunting challenges into miracles.

Now it is my turn to give back. When I look at our world and all the challenges we are facing, it breaks my heart. But I really believe in my soul that if each of us take positive action, we can create amazing solutions and make a difference. As Gandhi says, “Be the change wish you see in the world.”

Using my talents of entertaining and inspiring, I going on the road to bring awareness for various incredible causes, raise money with them and uplift people to believe in possibility and share their gifts. The more that each of us chooses to find the superstar within us and take action on sharing it with our communities, the closer we are to truly creating positive and radical changes on this planet. Are you ready to live your red carpet dream and make a difference?


FLASHMOB @ MAY 7, 2011   ~~

Enjoy “Celebrate Your Freedom” – if you are passionate about the cause or you feel uplifted by the song, download it instantly for only $2 and a portion will be donated to the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness. YOU make a difference in the life of an abused child!

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