STOP HUMAN Trafficking ~ Break The Chains, David Wee




A song to remind us of the human trafficking, the modern day slavery and the cruel child labour that persist in every part of the world. It is hope that this song will continue to help enhance the awareness. Let us continue the fight against these demeaning practices !


Did you know that slavery still exists today?

Today, it’s known as modern day slavery or Human Trafficking, which is the buying & selling of another human being for personal gain. Sex slavery is growing so fast that it is second only to the drug crime industry. Trafficking is also the second fastest growing crime on the planet, a $32-billion dollar a year business. There are 27 million slaves in the world today. This is far more than in the Trans-Atlantic slave movement. Each year the slave population in the US grows upwards of 17,000.

Question: Who are they targeting?

Answer: Children. The average age is 12-14. Generally the youngest of children who are trafficked are on average now is 3 years old. Exploiters take the children from suburbs, rural areas and small towns. These creeps are finding girls that frequent social net-working sites using many ploys to lure these children out. They target run-aways and children caught in-between divorce conflicts.

Question: What countries have modern day slavery/human trafficking?

Answer: America, along with Japan and Australia, are at the top of the list of the wealthier receiving countries. Sexual slavery occurs everywhere across the globe. Like most marketplaces, where there is demand, supply follows.

Question: How do you know they aren’t “willing” doing this? Why can’t they get out?

Answer: Many are children. They move them from place to place, sometimes daily. They are kept behind lock and key with only the clothes on their back. They are afraid, suddenly thrust into an ugly world that they have no idea how to escape. If the children rebel, their families are threatened.

Question: Is it here in TN?

Answer: Absolutely. You can find current cases that the FBI and police have busted on

Question: How often does this happen?

Answer: Every minute, two more children are forced into slavery; 2 million children are forced to work in the sex industry daily. 100,000 American children alone are used in pornography and prostitution each year. 50% of all sex slaves are children. 80% are female.

Question: Is this not outlawed?

Answer: Slavery has been outlawed in every country, but still occurs everywhere.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: The average price of a slave is $90 dollars, making slaves disposable people.

Question: Do they kidnap?

Answer: Yes, some are kidnapped. Most often the traffickers find access to these children through mother’s boyfriend or other family friends. These men reach out to be good friends with these children, meeting their needs as a father figure or providing expensive things for the child. Our nation’s children are being taken and used as sex slaves. The average life span for a sex slave is 6 or 7 years forced to serve 10 to 30 men a day. When they get sick they become disposal people. Authorities are alarmed. They know this is happening. They see the vast number of children who go missing that the Amber Alert never announces.

Question: Will you help stop this great evil?

Answer: Knowledge is power. Just becoming aware of this problem and spreading the word so that other people know will help people to be alerted to watching for our children. Warning children to be careful on their social net-working sites will also help protect our kids.

For more information visit: WWW.ENDSLAVERYTN.ORG

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