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June was a fantastic month for Care2 victories.

You helped make a difference around the world!

Chinese Artist Ai WeiWei Released on Bail
SuccessAfter more than two and a half months of detention – and an international outcry – world-renowned Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei has been freed on bail. Ai’s release was first confirmed via text message say two friends; he is now home. Huge thanks to all who signed the petition for Ai Wei Wei’s release and to Bianca Jagger for creating the petition. Read more.
North Carolina Governor Vetoes Harmful Budget
SuccessNorth Carolinians have long treasured their rivers, valleys, beaches and mountains as an irreplaceable part of the North Carolina experience. But the budget that the North Carolina assembly passed last week took none of that into account. Care2 members joined up with the North Carolina Conservation Network to personally urge Governor Perdue to reject a budget that would trash North Carolina’s future. Thanks to your great efforts, Governor Perdue announced on Sunday that she has vetoed the budget!

Read more.

Psychology Today Apologizes For Kanazawa’s Racist and Sexist Article
SuccessPsychology Today posted a sexist, racist article entitled, “Why Are African-American Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” In response, our friends at ColorOfChange mobilized over 75,000 people to call on Psychology Today through social media, phone calls, emails and a petition we partnered with them to create. The article has been removed and Psychology Today issued a public apology. Read more.
Sea Lion Killing Suspended on Columbia River
Success!Plans to kill as many as 85 sea lions at the Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River were temporarily suspended after extensive campaigning from our non-profit partner The Humane Society of the United States and over 40,000 signatures from concerned members at Care2. Help us continue our efforts to get a permanent ban. Sign the petition here.
Beloved Fire Chief Reinstated
Success!Cambria, California fire chief Mark Miller is beloved by his community – but that didn’t stop General Manager Tammy Rudock from abruptly terminating him without citing a reason. The community promptly rallied around Miller; one local resident created a petition that called for his reinstatement as fire chief. After hundreds of locals signed the petition, GM Rudock was the one who lost her job, and Miller was reinstated as fire chief! Read more.
Three University Medical Centers End the Use of Animals in Training Courses
Success!Thanks to the hard work of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and over 29,000 wonderful Care2 members who signed this petition, three new universities have ended their use of animals as medical training tools! Read more.

Thank you for your efforts and for being a part of the Care2 community. You can share your own success stories with us by emailing


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Care2 Campaigns Team 

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