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cbm (Christian Blind Mission) Give Joy Now!
Sping to Life!
LIFE is what we celebrate each Spring… Jesus’ life, love, and sacrifice. The life all around
us as birds chirp and trees blossom. The lives cbm rescues from poverty and
disability – families on their feet again, children able to go to school, a mom
who can now see and provide for her children.
Our Easter gift catalogue
is full of gifts for every pocket. And, with each gift, you receive an eCard to
share with your honoured love one. These cards are a great way of passing your
values along to the next generation at Easter.
Honour a child in
your life with an Easter Basket full of gifts to rescue an entire family from
disability and poverty – baby chicks for livelihood and food, cataract surgery
for a dad so he can get back to work… find out what other surprises are in the
Giving JOY this Easter is simple to do –
call 1 800 567 2264 or order your gifts online at www.givejoy.ca .
I can’t think of a more extraordinary, God-honouring way to celebrate the miracle of Easter and the joys of Spring.
In Jesus’ name,

Executive Director, cbm Canada
Honour a loved one far away this Easter with our gift catalogue.
Browse all of our gifts!
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cbm is an international Christian development
organization, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with
disabilities in the poorest countries of the world.

For more information,
please visit our website: www.cbmcanada.org
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