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has  been guided to Celebrate the Life of a wonderful woman that quietly Takes Action in our blogging community.  We love the message and the work this woman devotes her time to on Inspirational For Women  and are elated to Celebrate her Life with this Tribute. 

The philosophy and natural wisdom of this woman will absolutely bring a smile to your face, and peace to your heart. 

Please welcome Andrea to our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION.






Andrea Cockerill



“It is rare for me to tell others who and what I am about. I am known for being a listener, and usually my interest in people motivates me to ask others what they are about more than the other way around. It genuinely feels good to tell you a little about myself, so you know exactly where I am coming from and this may in turn explain more of why I have decided to create a site focused on inspiration.

My background is in Psychology and Social Work, and it was during my years studying Social Work that the seed for my passion of inspiring women was planted. It was through my schooling that I came to see that all people were a light in this world. I also learned that most people do not recognize and in turn do not celebrate the greatness inside of them.

 By not seeing the light within, they are unable to share its beauty with the world.

I am a wife and a mother of four. For the last ten years both these roles have kept me very busy and at times has pushed me to the edge of my sanity. I can’t tell you how many diapers I have changed, although I know it is in the thousands, or how many tears I have wiped away, my children’s as well as my own. I do know that the wisdom I have gained has been worth every moment that I have felt overwhelmed or when I was hard on myself.

There are many reasons that we do not see our value, and many are painful. My desire is for women to start the journey of self discovery, even if this journey is not the easiest of journeys. I hope that it will lead them to a place of inner peace and joy, a place I feel that is possible for every woman.

Most of my children are school aged and I have a little more free time (I want to emphasize little!) and I have decided to find my light and try to share it in my own way in this world. This site is my first step. I hope that you will come along this journey with me!

Namaste (I honor the spirit in you which is also in me.)



In the spirit of Andrea, we have added this meditation to her feature, wishing you a peaceful moment of thought on the words above.




A Celebration of Women™

sends our blessings to this Woman of Spirit.



Brava Andrea!


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