ELSA P. – New Moon In Pisces, Maintaining Equilibrium And Giving To Get‏

We’re headed into the new moon in Pisces on Friday where the key concept is serve or suffer. Some people don’t know what that means but it’s very simple. If you’re feeling bad and can do something kind for someone else, invariably it will brighten your day. Give to get. Help others to help yourself.
The new moon is conjunct Mars, and Virgo is likely to be stressed and agitated along with the other mutable signs, Gemini and Sagittarius. Virgo struggles with the intangible, foggy, ethereal angst. Gemini prefers the intellectual world as well.
For Sagittarius, the phrase “spiritual anger” comes to mind but there are plenty of positive ways to channel that. You can fight for your beliefs for starters. If you do feel stressed over the next two days, providing service to others is the most reliable way to see relief.

 It works like magic.

The weekend is also challenging. It makes me think in terms of an obstacle course and the key here is to maintain your equilibrium as you navigate.
There are numerous themes but what jumps out at me is the clash between a person’s need for security up against their impulse to bolt or rebel. We also have Mercury associated with Uranus so minds are popping, and there are great, innovative ideas out there waiting to be had.

Venus (love and money) is emphasized for the work week. Get along to get ahead. This does not mean, sacrifice your integrity. It’s means that being reasonable goes a long way.

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