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Dear friends across Canada,

The access to medicines bill is almost law — if we can get the Senate to vote on it! Last week, the House passed Bill C-393, which would get essential medicines to those most in need. If we can press the Conservatives to hold a vote now, we’ll save lives. But if they stall in the Senate, we’ll have to start from scratch after the election. Send a message to Conservative leaders supporting access to medicines:

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We’ve almost done it!

Last week, Members of Parliament from all four parties voted to pass Canada’s access to medicines bill and start sending essential medicines to those most in need.

But now Bill C-393 must pass in the Senate before it can become law — and everything could turn on whether Conservative Senators will let the bill come to a vote before a federal election is called, which could happen very soon and would kill the bill.

Most Senators would rather not have to actually vote against the bill, because they know how popular it is with Canadians of all political views. So, if we can raise a national outcry to demand a vote, we’re likely to win. Liberal Senators have already pledged to get access to medicines though the Senate as quickly as possible — let’s call on Conservative Senators to join them. Click here to send a message to Conservative leaders in the Senate and to the Prime Minister of Canada:


The Conservative Party claims it is committed to transparent and accountable government that reflects what Canadians want. Well, Canadians – and their elected representatives in the House of Commons – have loudly spoken in favour of Bill C-393 and in favour of saving lives by fixing Canada’s (broken) Access to Medicines Regime.

The Senate – who have already studied an identical bill in detail before it was wiped from the books when Harper prorogued Parliament in 2009 – can only respect the will of the Canadian people by passing Bill C-393 without delay. Each hour that passes without an access to medicines regime that works leads to more deaths for people in developing countries suffering from treatable diseases. Click on the link and send a message to Conservative leaders:


For the second time, access to medicines might die because of a procedural technicality. Our outcry can finally push this life-saving legislation through to law — and demonstrate that democracy isn’t just about elections. It’s about what happens during all the time in between.

With hope,

Emma, Ricken, Laryn and the rest of the Avaaz team


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