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Sexy! From the Inside Out


Last week found me running my early morning errands in Deno’s, a world class shoe repair shop in Highland Park. If you don’t know, Highland Park in Dallas is the Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills. I only point this out because it sets the groundwork for the tale I am about to tell. My daily routine is that after I drop my boys off at school, I get a cup of tea, chat with my father on the phone, listen to music and run a few errands. So this story begins with Starbucks in one hand, shoes in another.
I was in Deno’s finishing my request just as the door rings to announce a new customer has entered the store. At 8:15 a.m. I found myself trying to clear my eyes as I did a double take. Through the doors strolled one of the most gorgeous women I have ever laid my eyes on. Let me paint the landscape.

” She was around 5’8” tall, angelic blond hair, big blue eyes, dressed in the best money could buy,

diamond ring the size of a small coin, zero body fat and the nicest legs I have ever seen! ”

This woman started conversing with the service consultant about her ultra sexy black patent leather pumps telling about how she had rubbed the tip off while attending various social gatherings and questioning if the pump could be revived back to its original stature.
Now normally, I would not have paid much attention to an encounter such as this, but this moment had me spell bound. We happened to lock lashes and the look in her eyes startled me. There was an intense look of surprise as she seemed unsettled, if not surprised that I was looking at her so intently. This baffled me and she seemed a bit off guard as well. I stood there centered in my own presence as being the woman that has created, lives and breathes Spirituality is Sexy. And not unlike any other morning that I don’t have formal appointments, I had not showered, I did not have a stitch of makeup on, my hair was one week away from a much needed highlight appointment and in a pony tail, I was wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes and my Alma mater Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt! I certainly wasn’t showing up as the spiritually sexy girl, OR was I?
Upon a scan of my appearance, I was at first totally taken aback at myself! My breath caught and stopped cold for a moment. Yikes! How could I have possibly left the house looking like this? What was I thinking? Let me just say that at this moment in time, I was profoundly grateful that my service was complete and that I could leave and at least go home and shower.
When I was seated in my car, I paused and questioned what had my heart pumping double time as I stood in the midst of this beauty? What was this feeling that was within me? Just as I was asking myself these questions, the light bulb went off. I had a moment that cannot be described in this story, but which closely resembles an enormous tidal wave of consciousness of love, joy and bliss that entered my entire being. With this beautiful light came a message that resonated so deeply within every ounce of my being that I was guided to share this encounter. What had just transpired for me was truth and confirmation on a very deep level.

“This beautiful woman and I were one, there was no separation;

the look that I discovered between us was the shock of recognizing “sameness.”

Now, from an outsider looking in, she was the epitome of perfection and I wondered how many times in her life she was judged by the way she looked on the outside and not given a chance to show her magnificent bloom from the inside. I, on the other hand, showed up that day just as I am, a mom running early morning errands with a schedule to maintain and a household to run. It dawned on me that the shock in her eyes wasn’t because I wasn’t perfectly groomed but because she also sensed the beauty within me and what a shock it must have been that it radiated through my eyes and heart, instead of my external appearance.
I found myself loving this woman completely and rejoicing in her beauty both inside and out. She was simply a mirror showing me what I have always known deep within.

Sexy is an inside job and glamour should not be confused with beauty.

I can clean up, dress up and show up with the best of them, but that is not what makes me, you or anyone else sexy. It is the love, light, energy and brilliance that radiates from every pore of our being and acts like a magnet to attract all sorts of wonderful people and experiences. It lights up the face, radiates through the eyes, pours from the heart like a light of love. It is the light of Creation. I am a person that believes in taking immaculate care of my physical being by honoring my Divine temple. I eat healthy, exercise, and I love being groomed to perfection, but if this is all that I did and my inner spiritual sanctuary was not cared for with the same obedience, I could not wear a single material item that would help me become more beautiful. I want to break a long held illusion right now.

Beauty, richness and sexiness come from within and radiate outwardly, not the other way around.

Dressing up the soul and finding your unique essence is the light that shines for all to see. This is the true beauty that each and every person has been born with, but often lies dormant because society has programmed us to see otherwise. It is fun to be glamorous, but to seek the truth and find your inner beauty and richness is the path that will lead you to being a spiritually sexy and radiant person. Find this light and allow it to shine from you so that you may discover how infinitely attractive you can be.
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Love and Light~
Pamela Jo McQuade

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