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Most of you who read this know about the symbolism of the two triangles: the one pointing upwards and the other pointing down. Some of you already know that these two equilateral triangles are symbols of men and women who have developed their heart, intellect and will to the point of perfection. The hexagram or Seal of Solomon symbolizes the union of spirit and matter.

What does this have to do with you? Light has been a constant preoccupation of mine for forty years. Of course, I am speaking of the Radiant Light of God, spiritual Light. Light is the only true medicine. When we have a powerful aura, we have the best form of protection in all areas of our lives. 
When you take time out of your busy schedule to honor and love your inner lamp allowing a higher energy to flow through you, you become luminous. The spiritual potential of Light and choosing to transform matter is the blessing you receive that eventually will transform you into a living Seal of Solomon. 

The Sacred Breath Workshop successfully assists participants in the experience of the Pure Light allowing It to penetrate the ‘walls’ that have built up through not only this life experience, but past lives. Purifying the toxins of the environment within and without is an ongoing challenge that cannot be ignored if you sincerely desire to be a bright, shining and living lamp.



January 21st, Friday.

Shirlee Hall, 630-202-3818- reserve your space.

$55 2 1/2 hr. session.

Begins promptly 7:00pm Downers Grove



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SHIRLEE HALL – Visionary, professional speaker, successful healer, spiritual consultant, published author, inspirational teacher and workshop leader. The pure intent behind Shirlee’s specialties is to learn how to apply transformational and healing energy into a permanent sense of wholeness, which embraces every aspect of life. Her workshops and offerings of love are a proven methodology creating a grander story of who we really are.

Shirlee has authored three books covering a powerful line-up consisting of firsthand spiritual experiences with angels, luminous beings, mystical visions and profound demonstrations in the area of healing the body, mind and soul. She demonstrates how we can clearly merge spirit and matter and consciously live what we already are… the Higher Self. This is a time of joint ventures, a revolution, which leads to a higher state of mind…prosperity consciousness.

Born with the gifts of awakened spiritual senses and actively using them in daily life, Shirlee is a catalyst for the physical, mental, and spiritual renewal of people who are willing and ready to take a leap of faith. Her intention is to clearly explain who we are and why we are on earth. The power of remembering the inner identity and choosing self-mastery is paramount for spiritual fulfillment. Shirlee joyfully offers concrete hope and knows we can be the heroes and heroines we admire. It is time that we support one another and willingly embrace the beneficial influences of the heightened paradigm shift.

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