Elsa P. – January 13, 2011 – Marry The Intellect With Your Primal Instinct‏

Things are calm and grounded as we head into the weekend and I hope people take full advantage. Rest is just as important as anything else you can do and there’ll be plenty of challenges as we move through the week, so eat and lie around until the set change occurs on Saturday.
Last week I wrote about all the blathering going on and this week we’ve got the exact opposite. People are making plans alright, but they’re likely to hold their cards close to their chest.
It’s as if everyone knows the stakes are high and the odds, variable. Some are better positioned than others but everyone knows, at this point, of a rags-to-riches story and its counterpart–riches to rags. We see this in the news and if people can be on one list and not the other, they are going to try to do exactly that. If you wonder what drives this, it’s survival of course.
Saturday and Sunday, people marry their intellect to their primal instincts, pretty much whether they like it or not. By that I mean, some will become aware of their shadow against their will, but other power-broker, energy-management types or people interested in psych will love this and can get more guidance here: Information Is Power.
Monday is truly chaotic and potentially dangerous. It is a jarring day and if I am going to collide with people, I do what I can not to be in my car. Avoiding volatile freaks and unnecessary risk is also advised. This is the kind of day where things and people snap.
Tuesday, most people feel emotionally disturbed. It’s not that this can’t be productive…but still, disturbed means disturbed.
Wednesday, people slowly recover so the productive part of being put into an uncomfortable spot is likely to occur then.
If you want to talk about these issues or anything else, please schedule a phone appointment or contact me for an email consult.
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Thanks and best wishes for a great week,
Elsa P

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