Malta Festively Celebrates Republic Day!



Malta Festively Celebrates Republic Day



Republic Day is a public holiday in Malta.



December 13

Republic Day is a public holiday in Malta.





Also known in Maltese as “Jum ir-Repubblika” and “Diċembru tlettax”, December 13 marks the day that Malta became a republic.




History of Republic Day in Malta

Malta was colonized by the French, but their aggressions to the Maltese Catholic traditions made the French very unpopular to the Maltese population. Later, during the Napoleonic Wars, the British came to the aid of Malta, who later would ask to come under the protection of the British Empire.

Malta became part of the British Empire in 1814, as convened in the Treaty of Paris that ended the Napoleonic Wars.

Later in 1964, Malta became independent from the British, even though it’s initial Constitution still recognized the Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State of Malta. Ten years later in 1974, Malta decided to become a Republic, but it kept its full membership in the British Commonwealth of Nations.



The 1964 Constitution had to be revised, and on December 13, Malta became a republic with the approval of a new constitution and an elected president as head of state. Sir Anthony Mamo became the first president of the Republic of Malta, leaving his position as Malta’s governor.




Malta’s Republic Day Traditions, Customs and Activities

On Republic Day the President of Malta, on behalf of the Government and the people of Malta, pays public tribute to Maltese citizens that have distinguished themselves in different fields.


Celebrations are held in the Presidential Palace in Valletta, and on Republic Street, a military parade is held by the Armed Forces of Malta. The streets are colorfully decorated with hanging banners with the Maltese flag and the country’s colors, red and white.


Several events are organized by the Malta Council for Culture and Arts,



including popular Maltese folk dances such as the il-Maltija and the parata, performed with wooden sticks.


Fireworks displays are organized all over the archipelago of Malta, commonly referred to as “giggifogu.”





A Celebration of Women

sends our blessings to all the Women of our World in MALTA.





Celebrate Republic Day, everyday!



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