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“Fox News North” is back trying to make us pay for poisonous media — this time through backroom corporate deals that include them in cable packages with channels we actually want. Send a message to cable giants Shaw, Bell and Rogers demanding that they give Canadians a choice and offer Sun TV as a stand alone option to consumers.

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We’ve won the right to refuse to pay for “Fox News North”, but now that right is under threat. Sun TV is pressing cable companies to get their channel included in our cable packages. This means we would be forced to pay for Sun TV if we want access to any other special news channels.

Right now, Shaw cable company offers the American Fox News as a stand alone option. If you don’t want Fox, you don’t have to pay for it. Let’s require the same deal for Sun TV. Canadians should not be forced to pay for “Fox News North” just because they want to watch their regular news channels. An outcry from consumers across the country will force cable providers to offer us a real choice when it comes to “news” of the Fox variety.

Send a message to the Presidents of Shaw, Bell and Rogers demanding that they offer Sun TV as a stand alone option. When we reach 100,000 messages, we will take out newspaper ads across the country. Click below and then forward to your friends:


“Fox News North” first tried to force Canadians to pay for its content by applying for special treatment from the CRTC. In the course of that fight, they threatened legal action against Avaaz, involved themselves in the sabotage of our petition and published smear pieces in their newspapers across the country.

We won. But now, “Fox News North” wants to use their corporate connections to still force Canadians to pay for their content even when we don’t want it.

Public outcry against these dirty tactics has shut down Sun TV before and can again. We caused the resignation of Sun TV frontman Kory Teneycke, we forced Sun to abandon their application for special treatment and now we can make cable companies give us a real choice when it comes to paying for “Fox News North”. Send a message to cable giants Shaw, Rogers and Bell by clicking on the link below:


Canadians should not be forced to pay for right-wing agenda news. “Fox News North” is trying to use corporate power to strong arm our cable companies into giving Sun TV a package deal. We can call on Shaw, Bell and Rogers to stay strong and offer their consumers a real choice when it comes to “Fox News North”.

With determination,
Ricken, Emma, Laryn and the rest of the Avaaz team


Sun TV gets go-ahead to operate 24-hour news service:

Shaw offers Fox News as a stand alone option:

Rogers offers news in a package deal:

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