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Irina from Glen Head, New York asks:

I broke up with my boyfriend almost a year ago, but he’s still on my mind. I feel like we’re always talking, but not on a physical level, of course.

‘I feel like I’m going crazy. ‘

I “asked” him to leave, and he did for several days, but then he came back and we’re now communicating.

  • What can I do to get rid of this kind of “communication?”
  • What does it mean?
  • Am I going crazy?
  • Is it my imagination or something else?


Dear Irina,

You’re definitely not going crazy or imagining things. What you’re experiencing is a vivid psychic hookup with your ex.

Fortunately, there are several articles on the web site, beyond this one short column, that will really help you deal with your complex, layered situation. They are “Soul Friends,” “Soul Agreements,” “When Your Soul Mate Opts Out,” and “Psychic Forum: Cutting Energy Cords.”

You’ll also find the blog discussion following both “Cutting Cords” and “When Your Soul Mate Opts Out” especially useful and relevant for your situation.

Your astrological information shows that you have been going through a cycle of very intense and liberating spiritual or soul growth, a cycle which has been especially powerful since May of 2009, and which affects your career, your creativity, your destiny and – most of all! – the way you experience love and your values regarding relationships.

You’ll be happy to know that by early next year, this cycle will be complete. This probably means that you will be able to completely separate from your ex, who clearly plays a significant part in your soul growth experiences. Look for a lot of action around this situation in early December, which will lead to you finally being able to fully free yourself from the pain, taking the wisdom with you into the future.

Since the specific steps you can take to get rid of the “communication” with your ex are described in detail in the articles I recommended, let’s now look at what your spirit guides have contributed to this discussion.

Your guides want you to know that the next stage of your spiritual evolution will definitely involve another level of psychic/spiritual awakening, and you may discover that you have channeling and healing abilities. This may pop up next year, or it may make itself known later, but it’s already there, as the seed was planted earlier this year. The channeling will undoubtedly help you have very clear communications with your guides at the very least.

Also, your guides recommend that, in addition to using the techniques in the articles, you ask them for help deflecting your ex’s communications the instant you feel that connection activate. All the techniques will take regular application to finally release you, because in spite of your ex’s abandonment, the connection is still powerful. But it will happen, rest assured!


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