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is elated to share that our WOMAN of ACTION – Courtney Leigh Hewitt, is going strong.  Her life grows still, more and more each day… and we are sure her spirit, wanting to help other women,  is Taking Action!

This day, we celebrate Bill Bates, a gentleman, retired Marine, of great honors himself, having devoted his life to others, now takes the time to honor Courtney’s Life by helping her Father Todd Hewitt,  with his  Taking Action!

Please listen to Bill, as he takes this time from his busy life to share with one and all the perils of PML and the urgency that we share in making sure that the knowledge of this viral disease is thoroughly understood by all, both medical and non-medical population.


The time is NOW to Take Action!



The Courtney Story


My son, Will, and I talking to a parnet at the 2007 Robert Land Academy Fund Raiser, the Scarlet Parade.


Bill is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of RLA

  • I am a retired U.S. Marine (1952 -1972) living in Ottawa, Canada for the past 31 years.
  • I am a Father (5), Grandfather (9) and Great Grandfather (1).
  • I was born and raised in Memphis. TN.
This gentleman, at the age of 76,
found time to offer his comments and support for the mission of creating Global Awareness of PML.   
Celebrating this Action, we  hope it inspires more people to Take Action! 


Giving Award….Bill is definitely a soul that is always Taking Action 

“I am actively involved in managing an alternative energy services company dealing with wind, solar, geothermal, waste to energy and ethanol solutions. We represent the manufacturers of energy technologies, conduct studies to ensure technical and business feasibility as well as environmental compliance. We as provide managed services to install the technolgy solutions and manage their operations.”



The Courtney Project: Global Awareness of PML 




Enjoy this accomplished, active life….William Bates.


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Bravo Bill !






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