Palau Celebrates United Nations Day – October 1

Palau Celebrates United Nations Day

United Nations Day in Palau is a public holiday.

 October 1


Palau celebrates United Nations Day as a national holiday.

That Palau is a paradise is not in doubt. It has a unique ecology, and an economy based on tourism ( especially diving, and marine eco-tourism) and it is home to the world’s largest shark sanctuary.

It has also been the location for the TV series “Survivors.”. .

If you are regular viewer of Survivor episodes, you must remember Jennifer Lyon, the one who had finished in fourth place on the show’s tenth season. It would be something gloomy for the fans of reality star Jennifer that she has breathed her last recently at her home in Oregon.

The 37 years old, Lyon, had appeared as contestant on Survivor: Palau, the 2005 season of Survivor. At that time she got a huge vogue and won hearts of many with her extraordinary skills that also let her to survive till last four on the show. If you missed the boat to catch the sight of graceful and talented lady, click here to download Survivor to procure all the episodes of season ten.

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It has been reported that Lyon was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, at the age of 33. After diagnosis she stated that “Survivor” has taught her to face every blue situation of life darely. Her maxim was as hard as a problem, it will be over, and you have to appreciate every day.

Well, no doubt that the courageous lady possessed a valorous attitude.

While her battle with this horrible disease she underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment in order to overcome that dreadful situation. From last five years she was fighting optimistically for her life. In this great battle, her every intention was to come to blows and to swell the positive messages. Even she was a forthright campaigner for breast cancer charities.

The fellow contender of Lyon have praised her as a great fighter and caring persona. On being asked to the Survivor host, Jeff Probst about Lyon’s rep, he said, “If I learned anything from Jenn it is this: Don’t be afraid to ask someone how they are truly feeling about dying, don’t shy away from the scary parts of death. They need someone to talk to about what is going on inside their head.”

Though I was not in touch of Lyon at any personal level but still I am feeling sick at heart, as the lady has said good bye to this world at very younger age.

Anyways, it all about nature and we don’t have any power over it.

Click here to watch Survivor online.


It has been subject to a variety of colonial practices,

 including German protectorate status and Japanese occupation.



It is been in Free Association status with the USA for 50 years, and it recently accepted 17 Uighurs freed from imprisonment by the USA at Guantanamo.


Since 1948, the anniversary of the United Nations Charter coming into force on October 24, 1945 has been celebrated as United Nations Day. Palau’s President, Johnson Toribiong, decreed that the United Nations’ Day national public holiday be moved from its usual date of October 24 to Friday, October 2, 2009.


In the years to follow, it will be celebrated on the first Friday of October.



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