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6 Angels



In 1988, Taileen falls into a deep coma, the result of a car accident that claims the lives of her parents. Twelve years later she wakes to a new world, a new body and a new life… the life of an angel of the circle. Now, at the age of twenty-four, Taileen must confront her fears and prepare for the greatest challenge of her life.
Her first friend comes in the shape of a warrior angel with the power to read minds named, Niyorka. She instructs her in the ways of the “circle”. The circle consists of three fallen and three righteous angels. The circle was created by The Almighty after Lucifer sent three of his fallen to rain havoc on man. Upon viewing the murder of his son Jesus, God sent three of his angels to balance the tide. Now, once an angel of the circle dies, a mortal somewhere in this world takes their place. The circle is never broken for long. A replacement is never far. As she desperately tries to understand her new life and her new powers, (ability to assimilate knowledge quickly and telekinesis) Taileen encounters the rest of the angels of the circle.
Lazarus, leader of the righteous side of the circle, a humble monk who prefers the ways of old, with the power to read the immediate future. Ezekiel, leader of the fallen side of the circle, an elegantly dressed man who enjoys his evil work, hell bent on conquering all that falls before his path, with the power to control minds. Stiga, a leather clad vixen who enjoys using sex as a weapon, with the power over dreams. Othin, a sloppy oaf who does as Ezekiel commands, with the power to change form.
Defiant and enraged by their entrapment in the circle, the three fallen rage war upon the righteous three. All their efforts fall short until one of Taileen’s dreams reveals the answer the fallen have been in search of for centuries. With the coerced help of Lazarus, the fallen conspire and break the circle forever.
Now, only one thing keeps evil from absolute rule, and her name is… Taileen.
– Ishita Mehta, 2010

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