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Twitter for Business!




 Twitter for Dummies has excellent tips for us business tweeters.



1. Listen: Listen and find as many ways as you can to tune in. Think of Twitter as a giant consumer sentiment engine and you’ll start to understand the enormous potential for you.
2. Balance: For the average business account, you need to have a good ratio between personal (or conversational) tweets to business (or promotional) tweets. Perhaps set up your account to curate or cultivate links to relevant events, stories and news. At all times, be useful.

3. Engage: Twitter works best when you have real conversations. When you find people talking about subjects relevant to your business, offer helpful contributions to their conversation.

4. Connect: Use the ability to take conversations offline and into the real world via tweetups, events and meetings. Twitter makes it easy to meet many people and then you can determine who to follow up with using traditional channels.

Over the next couple of months, we’ll bring you information about Tweetdecks, CoTweets, Twellows, Twitterfeeds and TwitPic.




Happy tweeting!


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