3 Rules for Retrograde Relationships

3 Rules for Retrograde Relationships

By S.K. Smith

As most of you know, Mercury rules all things communication-related. These days, that goes beyond actual, verbal conversations to include e-mails, instant messages, text messages and social network posts (not to mention hand -written missives, if you’re one of the few still penning them). With all these forms of talking to take charge of, the winged one’s domain is larger than ever, which means that there’s all the more likelihood of havoc when he turns backward. Luckily for all of us, that’s not going to happen again this year until December 10, so there’s plenty of time to prepare. Take these three tips for keeping your relationship smooth when Mercury goes Retrograde

1. Slow Down

It’s easy to jump to conclusions when the planet of communication is spinning backward. Rather than assuming you know what your partner meant to say (hell, they might not even know what they mean right now), pause when something questionable has been uttered (or otherwise exchanged) and ask for clarification.

2. Breathe

You’re probably at wit’s end during Mercury Retrograde. As such, it will be especially appealing to fly off the handle (particularly if you’ve done the aforementioned and still found yourself faced with a problematic exchange). Rather than letting the words fly out of your mouth take a deep breath. Count to ten. You’ll probably find that calming down curtails your urge to verbally purge.

3. Expect Anything

This is prime time for unexpected utterances. This can be good as well as bad, but either way, it’s not the time to trust what you hear. If someone who has given you reason to doubt them suddenly starts giving you reason to think they’re on your side in a way they’re usually not, wait out the retrograde to see where they stand afterward. Anything is possible at this time – but that doesn’t mean it’ll stick!


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