Virgo is the Analytical Iceberg they say, Virile Virgo Men



Virgo is the Analytical Iceberg they say,

is that true?


Virile Virgo Men

Hot Actor Action


Sensual, smart and a little mysterious, Virgo guys are some of the sexiest creatures on the planet. Richard Gere, Hugh Grant and Tommy Lee Jones are excellent examples of the virile Virgo man.

So what makes them so attractive?


Virgos have an aura of self-control that makes them seem unattainable and deliciously intriguing. They have high standards and can be impatient with people and situations that don’t live up to their expectations. Naturally, they have a reputation for being critical, judgmental or just plain difficult. But these qualities seem to make them even more desirable. Who can resist the allure of someone so perfect (at least on the outside)?

Virgo is also the sign of service. People born under this sign often pursue activities that help others. They can also be a little bit twisted (think KISS rocker Gene Simmons and comedians Bill Murray and Jack Black). But for now, we’ll focus on the enticing side of Virgo. So let’s explore the charts of Gere, Armstrong and Grant to see what lies beneath the surface.

Richard Gere: August 31, 1949
It’s not surprising that Gere became a worldwide sex symbol after starring in the 1980 film American Gigolo. He went on to star in such hits as An Officer and a Gentleman (1982), Pretty Woman (1990) and Chicago (2002). But this Virgo isn’t just another handsome face in Hollywood. With Sun conjunct Saturn, the planet of duty, Gere takes service very seriously. He’s a practicing Buddhist and supporter of the Tibetan Independence Movement, among other causes. He co-founded Tibet House to help preserve Tibet’s cultural history. His dedication to human rights comes from Mercury, Venus and Neptune in Libra, the sign of balance and justice. Moon in Sagittarius suggests that the world is his stage, although Mars in Cancer gives him a family focus as well. One of his main challenges is his impatience with the foibles of others.

As for romance, Venus conjunct Neptune gives him an aura of refinement and plenty of charm. He needs a woman who is a true partner, but the Neptune influence can make him overly idealistic. Gere was married to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991-1995. He married actress Carey Lowell in 2002, and they share a devotion to Buddhism and humanitarian causes.

Hugh Grant: September 9, 1960
Born September 9, 1960 in London, England, this virile Virgo man is so good looking that we sometimes forget what a brilliant and versatile actor he is. Perhaps best known for his roles in comedies like Four Weddings and a Funeral, About a Boy and Love Actually, Hugh Grant has also proven his acting chops in more serious films, including The Remains of the Day, Maurice and Sense and Sensibility. Sun in Virgo makes him hard-working, practical and analytical, while Venus in Libra gives him that extra dose of irresistible charm and fuels his creativity.

In his personal life, Grant is athletic, undoubtedly helped along by Jupiter in Sagittarius, planet of drive and adventure. Moon in Taurus gives him stability, sensuality and loyalty, which may explain why, since his long relationship with actor Elizabeth Hurley ended, the two have remained dear friends, and Grant is godfather of Hurley’s son.

Tommy Lee Jones: September 15, 1946
Although he’s an Earth sign, Tommy Lee Jones is anything but grounded. Born on September 15, 1946, the talented actor/director has Sun and Mercury in Virgo and Moon in Taurus. However, Uranus afflictions to his Virgo placements give him a quirky, unconventional side, which comes across in his dry humor (think of the Men in Black films). Uranus also heightens his brainpower: Jones graduated cum laude from Harvard with a degree in English.

Still, being a Virgo gives him a straitlaced persona, which helped him land numerous lawmen/military roles, such as the federal marshal in The Fugitive, an agent in Men in Black, the sheriff in No Country for Old Men, a war veteran in In the Valley of Elah, the warden in Natural Born Killers and a Texas Ranger in Lonesome Dove.

Adding to his talent as an actor is a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Libra, sign of the arts. Venus in Scorpio heightens his charisma and intensity onscreen, which carries over into his personal life. Jones was married for the third time in 2001.


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