Lake Pollution Causes Health Problems – Act Now!

A Celebration of Women , The Great Lakes is the source of drinking water for 40 million people, including possibly you. But it is so polluted that there is evidence of cancer and reproductive abnormalities in human and animal populations in the Basin. Tell the Canadian Government that this is unacceptable! » Beluga whales that inhabit the great lakes are a majestic and rare treat. But these are among the most contaminated mammals in the entire world. And many fish that come from the … [Read more...]

Stop Poisoning the Great Lakes

There are currently 43 "Areas of Concern" on the Great Lakes -- sites that are so contaminated, they've been targeted for special remediation.Take Action to stop poisoning the Great Lakes » These beautiful natural treasures -- resources for drinking water and home to thousands of marine life species -- are becoming more and more toxic thanks to:- Billions of gallons of untreated sewage dumped into the lakes each year; - Toxic chemicals from industries as well as pharmaceuticals and … [Read more...]

Protect the Great Lakes Environment Like a National Park‏

The Great Lakes and their surrounding environment are one of the most breathtaking natural areas in the world and are home to lush forests and wildlife like the gray wolf, Canada lynx, moose and bald eagle. Unfortunately, decades of mismanagement and industrial overuse have left our Great Lakes in trouble. Support protection of the Great Lakes environment. » We can protect the Great Lakes Basin by enshrining that area as part of the Commons, a Public Trust and a Protected Bioregion -- … [Read more...]

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