Free Call with Marianne‏ Williamson – July 16


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Dear Friends,

My 4-week online course, The Divine Alignment of Body & Soul begins on July 24th.

The course will focus on the role of the body in our spiritual journey, and how an enlightened perspective can help free us from dysfunctional thoughts and behavior regarding food, body image and physical intimacy.

I will be doing a FREE CALL about the course on Tuesday, July 16, at 6PM Pacific Time / 9PM Eastern Time.

Join in to get a sense of what the online course is about, and decide whether or not you feel it would be of value for you.

To learn more about the call, go to Live Call with Marianne … For more info and to register for my 4-week online course, please visit ~

I look forward to being with you for the call, the online course — or both!!

All my best to you,



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