V-Day Mother’s Day Challenge: Get 15 Women RISING!

V-Day Mother’s Day Challenge: Get 15 Women RISING!

This weekend, in celebration of Mother’s Day V-Day is calling on you to gather 15 women including your mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends and sign them up to STRIKE, DANCE and RISE with you on 2.14.13 for ONE BILLION RISING!

The path to ONE BILLION RISING starts with you, and what better day than Mother’s Day to birth the ONE BILLION RISING movement in your community.

SEND a message to up to 15 people inviting them to join the campaign >

NEW: Two Mother’s Day V-Card Designs Available Now!

Celebrate Mother’s Day by supporting the global movement to end violence against women and girls. NEW this year, V-Day is offering two Mother’s Day V-Card designs to chose from. Make a donation to V-Day on behalf of your mother, friends, and loved ones, and V-Day will send the specially designed 2012 Mother’s Day V-Card of your choice letting them know of their unique gift in their honor.

CLICK HERE to give this V-Gift >

To send a V-Card on the donate page, check the box next to “Donate on behalf of a loved one?” labeled “Yes, I would like to send a V-Day e-card,” chose the design you would like to send, and fill in the rest of the information to finish designing your gift.

CLICK HERE to give this V-Gift >

BAY AREA: Need A Mother’s Day Gift? Emotional Creature Begins At Berkeley Rep June 14

Tickets are ON SALE NOW for Berkeley Repertory Theatre’s world premiere run of Eve’s powerful new play Emotional Creature, June 14 – July 15.

Staged by Obie Award-winning director Jo Bonney and performed by a talented ensemble of young women, Emotional Creatureis made up of original monologues–and irresistible songs–about and for girls. Placing their stories squarely center stage, it gives full expression to their secret voices and innermost thoughts, highlighting the diversity and commonality of the issues they face.

Tickets start at $14.50 for attendees under 30, and $29.00 for those over 30.

LEARN more & BUY tickets >


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