Volume 3, Issue 7

July 2011

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Dear Friends,
Sometimes it is helpful to know what others have experienced in working with me. Here is a sampling of the many comments I have received. As an Inner Guidance Coach, it would be my honor to share my gift with you.
Dorothy Rettay
Here’s what people are saying:

My deepest gratitude!

It was a pleasure “meeting” you and connecting with your wonderful gift (smile). I truly enjoyed my Angel Reading and gained important insights and lovely confirmations that I am excited to integrate into my spiritual practices. Thank you for forwarding the information so quickly. I will return to your website often to learn of future seminars, services and ways to enhance my conscious awareness of my soul and spirit help.


Matteson, IL




Just wanted to thank you again for our session last week. It was a pleasure meeting you – I felt a warm welcoming presence from you and our session left me with a feeling of peace for much of the weekend. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of knowing and communicating with my angels…

-D.C., Jupiter, FL

Thank you so much for today. It is amazing how simple things that seem so complex can be. I look forward to working with you again soon.

-SS, Florence, KY



I have no words to thank you for the material which You send to me. You are the Angel.



I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed my session with you. I’m excited to “experiment” with the understanding and knowledge I’ve gained! – AW Vancouver, B.C.

I highly appreciate your help in introducing me to the new world of interaction with higher self and spirit guides. I look forward to growing more in future work with you.

– CM , Ft. Worth, TX


Thanks so much Dorothy for your help!

… I really enjoyed my reading

-M.G., Hinesburg, VT


Thank you for everything….I loved my reading and I feel very happy to know that I have six Angels with me.

– C.D., New York, NY)


Dorthy I shall forever be grateful to you for assisting me in meeting my angels. For many years I have not understood the signs that were being presented to me. I have far greater understanding on many different levels thanks to you. I definitely will stay in touch and let you know how things are progressing. All I can say to anyone who is sitting on the fence, is just do it. Your life will change. I wish I had learned at an earlier age. May God Bless. Thanks Dorthy. J.C. London,Ontario


“I felt extremely comfortable with Dorothy. She was 100% professional and yet I could strongly feel she had NO personal agenda of her own. Instead, all of
her attention was on on MY spiritual well being. During all of my classes, I could tell: She really knows how to hold her own positive attention on you … so you can find and trust – your own way – in the spiritual teachings. I felt lucky to have found her!.”
-G. Donivan, WPB, FL

I want you to know that I remember you very fondly and am confident in your capability of helping anyone seeking knowledge at the Soul Expansion Institute.

Wishing you the best,

-S.D. Miami, FL



I really enjoyed meeting people who get excited about seeking out their spiritual calling. Dorothy was wonderful. -E.P. Manalapan, FL




Dorothy, What a treat. thank you so much. I work in this field and just want to fine tune and learn more. I am a CMT and Reiki Practitioner and now teach Therapeutic Yoga. .. Now I know why I get these goosebumps. I kinda figured it was the Universe/Angels confirming what I would come up with when talking to a student about maybe a health thing.

anyway, this is excellent and I look forward to learning more.




I think it is very important to me. I can’t answer for others, but I want to know my purpose here on earth. I believe I am at crossroads and am about to embark on a new beginning.

-E.P. Meetup WPB



It opens your eyes to what’s been around us all along. Answers many question. Allows a good forum to bounce questions, theories, etc., off one another without strange stares.




It was my pleasure to meet you and participate in the group as well

FYI, our meeting, past Saturday, was my first contact in this area and I loved.

-RP (Meetup)





July 27, 2011


(7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 Pacific)


I see it all the time …

Seekers who “understand” the concepts of spirituality but

don’t know how to establish a communication link with their angels and inner guidance. Occasionally a message comes through, but is fleeting, and they are left frustrated looking

for signs, praying for signals, and waiting for the next “lucky” hunch. I hear them saying things like, “I know I should be able to communicate directly with my angels. I wish someone would just tell me exactly how it can be done.”


Finally, life-changing information that allows you to communicate with your angels at will to live your best life ever!


On the July 27 teleseminar, I will give you very clear instructions on what you need to do to tune into the right channel for direct communication.

I’ve helped hundreds of new and experienced seekers, natural healers, spiritual teachers, and conscious business owners connect with their divine angel team …

… and I can help you too!


Wouldn’t you like to know:


Can I actually communicate with my angels and inner guidance?

How do I know my messages are from divine source?

Can I protect myself from negative energy?

Can I get direct answers to my important questions?

Will I be able to understand the language of angels?




There is a story of a Tibetan monk who had spent several years in seclusion. In his mountain retreat, food and water were brought and left outside the door. He saw no one, talked with no one, and spent all of his waking hours in meditation. It was his ritual of purification and self mastery.


One day, having decided his work was done, he came down the mountain and into the village. As he walked through the crowded marketplace, he was accidentally bumped by a passerby. Ignoring the apology offered, he jumped back in indignation, raised his fist and shouted angrily at the surprised passerby.


Suddenly, it dawned on him that all of his work on self mastery, his years of contemplation in God Consciousness, had been for naught. If a simple “bump” from another person could knock him off-pivot and send him into outworn reaction patterns, there was still much work to be done.


This story is our story too. The journey to self mastery is everyone’s destination and rarely is a straight path from point A to point B. Usually, there are some detours and even backtracking that takes place. As we progress on our spiritual journey, occasionally, we will slip or fall. With awareness, we find that we can catch ourselves sooner and reset our course more quickly.


Self mastery is expressing the unique life purpose you were born to bring to the world. Although each of us unfolds our divinity differently, there are certain lessons that all of us must learn; tests that we must pass. One of the fastest ways to get back on purpose when you have veered off track is to regroup, that is reflect, on the situation you are experiencing.


The other day I was traveling from Kentucky to Florida. For some reason, none of the luggage for passengers boarding my flight at Cincinnati got put on the plane.

The airline reps in Florida assured us that the luggage would be delivered that night on a flight arriving around 11:30 p.m. I caught a shuttle to a nearby hotel and put up for the night. Midnight, 1, 2, a.m. … still no luggage.

I had checked out the situation with my angel team, and was reassured that I would be getting my luggage. But something about the experience was triggering feelings of irritation and frustration; obviously, I had slipped off “the path.”

What I should have done was release the problem, get a good night’s sleep and assess the situation the next morning.

What I did, for about two hours before I drifted off to a restless sleep, was allow myself to worry about my “stuff,” how I felt about not having my makeup, and, since my cell phone charger was in the luggage, wondering how the airlines would contact me if my cell phone died. The ultimate mind game was trying to remember everything in the luggage, in case it never showed up and had to be replaced.

My luggage was delivered at 4:30 in the morning. My world was right again. But, by reflecting on the experience, I realized I had “uncooked seeds” about attachment to things and trusting others to do their part. Good lessons to check off my spiritual bucket list. Wonder what lessons spirit has in store for me next?




Would you like to be able to tune your spiritual antennae to directly communicate with your angels? Join me on my next FREE TELESEMINAR, “Angels 911.” For those of you who know my story (follow this link to Dorothy’s Spiritual Journey), you know that 40 years ago my life was transformed from financial disaster to abundance by applying the principles and techniques that I teach. In this teleseminar I will reveal the specific steps that allowed my transformation to happen.


Who is most likely to benefit from the teleseminar?

Although anyone on the spiritual path would benefit from the information, this program is designed for people who are ready to take charge of their energy and destiny. Many have found their passion but would like to turn it into a profitable career. It is for solo-preuners who realize that adding “soul power” to their business can exponentially help their quality of service. It is for fellow seekers who are looking for a safe place to drill deeper, grow spiritually, and refresh in a safe, non-judgmental place of mutual respect.

Here are some benefits many experience by tuning-in and communicating with their inner guidance:

Reach speedy decisions that feel good and are good.

The right people and circumstances are attracted into your life.

The excitement of possibilities fuels your imagination.

You realize that you are worthy to reach your goals and dreams.

You no longer feel alone … you feel supported, backed and loved.

You find inner courage.

Abundance flows into your life.


Is there a downside to not developing your intuition?

You may continue to be stuck in a pattern of failure and lack.

You may continue to be fearful of making a decision because it could be wrong.

You may continue to feel insignificant and unworthy.

You may feel depressed, lost, sad and unlucky.

You may never unleash your life purpose.

Angels, spirit guides, intuition, master souls … different names for the same divine energy. When we learn to connect with the source and align our passion with the unique life purpose we came to planet earth to fulfill, we begin the journey to self discovery and self mastery. Self mastery … that is consciously living the life you came to express. Not accidentally or occasionally tuning in, but living your purpose every moment. As you work with your angel team, people come into your life to help you achieve your goals, ideas flow to you because you know how to ask and receive the answers, you feel “illuminated” because your energy may be vibrating at a frequency more in tune with your angels and universal wisdom. To be illuminated is to be in the light. I will share how you will know when you in that state of grace.



Please join me on July 27 for the


that could change you life!






Love and light,


Dorothy Rettay, Inner Guidance Coach

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