The Seven Chakras: Creative Visualization and Your Third Eye

Creative Visualization


Your Third Eye

In this series I will be discussing the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of each chakra, how it interacts with us and our environment as well as how to work with and balance each chakra through diet, exercises and meditations in order to bring lasting health and happiness into our lives.

The third eye can be thought of as a television screen.




Each Chakra has its own unique color.


Color can create incredible benefits in the realms of balancing and healing, not just our chakras, but for our entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Through the use of our imagination, these colors can be used to identify specific issues within each chakra, giving us the opportunity to heal and grow.

Chakra 1: Red
Chakra 2: Orange
Chakra 3: Yellow
Chakra 4: Green
Chakra 5: Blue
Chakra 6: Indigo
Chakra 7: Violet or White





We can change the channel at any moment and images of our past, present, and future will appear. Tuning into a “future TV channel” is clairvoyance. It’s best to consult a psychic with this ability to enhance and develop your own.

I will be discussing the physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological aspects of each chakra and how they interact with us and our environment, as well as how to work with and balance each chakra through diet, exercises and meditations in order to bring lasting health and happiness to our lives.





Chakra One: Muladhara (Root)

Element: Earth

Function and Purpose: Survival, self-preservation, grounding

Obstacle: Fear

Balanced Inner States: Security, stability, being comfortable in one’s body

Imbalanced Inner States: Moody and/or emotionally unstable, living in one’s head (thoughts and fantasies, being disconnected from the body)

Location: Coccyx, perineum

Color: Red

The root chakra, located at the coccyx and perineum, is our first and most important energy center – it is the foundation that all other chakras are built upon. Without this “root support,” we would never be able to open our upper chakras, thus reaching the pure state of spiritual consciousness.

This calls to mind an image of a great tree with its “roots” running deep into the rich, nourishing earth, reaching strong and high to caress the boundless heavens. Much like these trees, in order for us to reach the one true celestial source of pure connectedness with all that is, our roots must also run deep. Without deep roots, we are merely reeds floating atop the ocean, at the mercy of the tides, floating aimlessly through life, unable to choose our own direction and destinies.

When our first chakra is properly cared for and balanced, we are “grounded.” Grounding is the process of opening this chakra and resting comfortably in our bodies.

Have you had any interesting experiences with the root chakra?



Chakra Two: the Svadisthana or sacral chakra, which is located in the spine in the small of the back.

Element: Water

Function and Purpose: Desire, pleasure, sexuality and procreation

Obstacle: Guilt

Balanced Inner States: Emotional intelligence, embracing change, ability to enjoy and receive pleasure, ability to nurture the self and others, healthy boundaries, flowing movement

Imbalanced Inner States: Fear of sex (frigidity), uncomfortable receiving pleasure, impotence, underdeveloped social skills, lack of boundaries or understanding of the boundaries of others, fear of change, rigid attitudes, beliefs and body movement

Location: Lower abdomen, genitals, womb

Color: Orange

This chakra is primarily concerned with connecting and uniting with another human being, emotionally and sexually, in a sacred energetic dance – giving us the freedom to move into the upper chakras and reach the heights of spiritual transformation. Without the balance of this second chakra, we are unable to open and connect with the fourth chakra, our heart. This involves embracing change, letting go, surrendering, and the healthy, unobstructed flow of our emotions and sexuality, helping heal the mind-body split.

When our second chakra is imbalanced, we are ruled by negative emotions and our unconscious mind, as well as a distorted and unhealthy expression of our sexuality. We end up making bad choices and decisions, creating a dull and restrictive life which inhibits our ability to connect and unite with another human being on all levels.

On the flip side, when balanced, our compassionate and empathic abilities develop to higher levels of action and awareness; our emotions are felt, understood, embraced and processed; our body is celebrated; and we can healthily express our sexuality, opening us to give and receive pleasure in all areas of our life. We are able to truly connect emotionally and sexually, with purity and the lack of inhibitions, allowing us the opportunity to spiritually unite with another, thereby opening us to greater heights of spiritual awakening. When we are in balance and in line with our highest selves, our authenticity and our emotions serve us in receiving vital data and information from our environment and others, allowing us a greater level of sensitivity as well as empathy.

Have you had any interesting experiences with the second chakra?


Chakra Three: Manipura (Lustrous Gem)

Element: Fire

Function and Purpose: Power, will, assertiveness, transformation

Obstacle: Shame

Balanced Inner States: Healthy, balanced self-esteem and ego, warmth, confidence, sense of humor, balanced and comfortable with own personal power.

Imbalanced Inner States: Aggressive, controlling, power hungry, arrogant, stubborn, competitive

Location: Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

Our sacral chakra, Svadhisthana, which deals with the healthy expression of our emotions and sexuality. Once balanced, we are free to move to the third, Manipura, or solar plexus chakra, which is located from the navel to the solar plexus. It is primarily concerned with will, personal power and transformation. In the root chakra we gain a foundation and stability which allows us to move to the sacral chakra, giving us the opportunity to change and unite with another emotionally and sexually. Once this is accomplished, we move into the solar chakra (3rd), where we are able to use our ability to change from a strong foundation, and use our will and personal power to turn change into transformation.

Our solar chakra is located just above the adrenal glands, which is what creates the “butterflies” that we associate with nervousness when taking on something new and facing the unknown. When the solar is out of balance, this energy remains in the realm of nervousness, and our transformative energies become dissipated, unfocused and without direction; much like a boat without a rudder trying to maneuver in an ocean of storms. However, when in balance, we realize that this nervousness is really excitement, which feeds our fire-consciousness in a much more expansive and extremely focused manner, giving us the momentum and confidence we need to face that which is in front of us. This helps develop personal power.

When we talk about power, what do we think of?

We usually think of a person (usually a male) with more money than God, driving a top of the line sports car, in a high position of authority with subservient underlings awaiting his every beck and call, and the ability to make anyone’s life miserable with just one phone call. This, however, is not the kind of power we’re talking about here (nor is it true power). True power comes from within, and is not dependent on outside forces or validation for its survival.

Personal power comes from a healthy understanding and use of our own personal will. Will is thought in action, manifest. It is through our will that we transform our lives and make the changes necessary to accomplish all of our goals and dreams. Yet there is another type of will which must be discussed, and that is “universal will.” This is the will of the spirit or, as I call it, true source: that which is the creator of all things, dancing within us, connecting us with all that is. When the solar chakra is out of balance, one of the things that usually happens is that we force our will onto our environment and other people in the pursuit of our goals. When in this state, we often don’t see the constant walls and myriad of obstacles that hinder us from attaining that which we want. This is where universal will comes in. When running on pure personal will, we cannot see that all of the walls and obstacles are signs that we are on the wrong path or going in the wrong direction. When we awaken to this, we can listen and follow the will of the universe and the best path it has laid out for us. This is a delicate balance between volition with cognition and flowing with the stream of universal consciousness.

Our personal power and will is manifested by developing a foundation of healthy self-esteem (which comes as a result of balancing the solar chakra), which is seeing oneself clearly through the lens of reality and embracing and celebrating who we are; our positive qualities as well as negative. It is through facing challenges and trying new things that we develop self-esteem, as well as self-confidence. When our solar chakra is balanced, our self-esteem works in the positive, which manifests itself as being assertive, confident, proactive, and disciplined. When out of balance, shame, the obstacle of the third chakra, manifests itself either consciously or unconsciously, and we collapse into ourselves, into a place of either arrogance and ego or victimization. This must be overcome in order to move through our third chakra.

In short, by balancing our third chakra, we are able to nurture, embrace and utilize our personal power in a healthy, dynamic way,creating a powerful will to Take Action!


Chakra Four: Heart – Anahata – (Unstruck)

Element: Air

Function and Purpose: Love, balance, self-acceptance

Obstacle: Grief
Balanced Inner States: Peaceful, loving, self-loving and accepting, empathetic, strong immune system
Imbalanced Inner States: Critical and judgmental of self and others, depression, antisocial, fear of intimacy and relationships, narcissistic
Location: Chest, heart
Color: Green

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The heart chakra is the center point of the entire chakra system. Its task: to integrate all the aspects of our personality through the act of pure love from Source, creating a balanced, fully developed, three-dimensional human being.

This chakra is the center of love. This isn’t the sexual love that is associated with the sacral chakra, which is based upon a passionate and physical connecting with another person but is about having a heart to heart connection from universal love with another human being.

This is the type of love that all the masters throughout history have taught and spoken of in order to guide us to the ultimate reality of the oneness, completeness and connection of all people and all things. This love radiates from deep within our soul, fills every cell of our bodies, and is not dependent on anyone or anything external for its survival and existence. Its mere existence is more than enough. It is the love that is eternal, spanning between all time and space, transcending yet integrating past, present and future. There is no beginning to this love, no ending. It merely is, was, and always shall be and is the energy which creates us, binds us and guides us; it is the entity of true source.

The “Search” for Love

 So many of us are “seeking” for love, doing so by reading a myriad of books, going to seminars, therapists, signing up on dating sites and responding to personal ads. This type of love which is so vainly sought in our society has absolutely nothing to do with the true love from Source. This “seeking” comes from our egos in order to make up for that which we feel we have lost or lack: self-worth, validation, boredom or loneliness, which often times become co-dependent; it is a selfish and self-serving act under the guise and postings of “looking for love.”

Love from Source transcends our fragile egos and enters and dwells within the realm of spirit. In order for us to be loved we first must give it from the purest place possible with no hope or expectation of return or reward. Love nourishes itself by freely giving of itself. We come to know love from Source when we empathize with another, offer heartfelt compliments and acknowledgement or the act of nurturing, whether emotional or physical.

Yet, most of us were not raised in an environment where cosmic love was nurtured and allowed to flourish. It is our task to learn to access and develop this love which requires energy on multiple levels, one of which is to have all of our chakras balanced and in working order. This is especially true in forming and maintaining all relationships; intimate relationships in particular.

What are your tips for maintaining a healthy fourth chakra?


Chakra 5 : The Throat Chakra – Vishudha (Purification)

Element: Sound
Function and Purpose: Communication, Creativity
Obstacle: Lies
Balanced Inner States: Powerful voice, attuned listen skills, honest and clear communication, highly creative
Imbalanced Inner States: Excessive or incessant talking, consistent interruption, poor listener
Location: Throat
Color: Blue
We began in the root chakra – our foundation – and have moved through the sacral chakra (our emotional and sexual center) into the solar plexus (our source of personal power and transformation) and on to the heart chakra (the center of love and compassion, as well as the center of the entire system), and we now enter our fifth chakra, located in the throat.
As we move through the root chakra to the heart, we are based within the physical, material world and as we enter the heart and the remaining upper chakras, we are entering the realm of the ethereal or spirit. This is where we transcend the limitations of the world of form, and begin our ascent into true source and the transformation of finite consciousness toward infinite awareness – and, ultimately, enlightenment. Communication is the vehicle which enables us to move to these higher planes of consciousness.Our fifth chakra has to do with conscious communication through the vehicle of sound vibrations, creativity and self-expression, individually as well as through any of the arts: acting, writing, painting and dancing, just to name a few.

Without communication, life would cease to exist. This is due to the fact that communication is not limited to self-expression, but is also communication within our bodies, ranging from the synapses and neurotransmitters in our brains which communicates vital information to our organs, glands and enzymes, which ensures our survival, to the management of the information communicated to our millions upon millions of cells.

Without communication we would be unable to share ideas which in turn would stop all forms of invention and, ultimately, our evolution as a species. Everything we have today – from education, medical innovation, technology and spirituality – to every single creature comfort we enjoy and take for granted – started as an idea, was communicated and has become manifest.

What are your favorite ways to tap into and balance the power of the fifth chakra?


Chakra 6 – The Third Eye – Ajna – (To Perceive)

Element: Light
Function and Purpose: Sight, perception, intuition, visualization, imagination
Obstacle: Illusion
Balanced Inner States: Strong intuition, strong ability in creative visualization, keenly perceptive, imaginative
Imbalanced Inner States: Inability to visualize or imaging the future, insensitive, living in denial
Location: Center of the forehead or slightly between and above the eyes
Color: Indigo
So far we have moved from our roots, growing strong and deep into the earth, up into the flowing waters of our emotions and sexuality, to the sunlight of personal power and transformation, into the lush, green forest of unconditional love, to the clear blue skies of communication, and now into the indigo stratosphere of inner sight and visualization.
The sixth chakra, more commonly referred to as our third eye, is located in the center of the brain (and can be exteriorly felt between the eyebrows), and is the source of inner and outer sight and perception. Its primary function, however, is seeing beyond the physical, material realm, and it is the inner visionary aspect of our thought and mental workings of the mind.
Our sixth chakra is often referred to as “the seat of the soul” and is the fundamental source of creative visualization, imagination and psychic ability, as it is one more step into the ethereal and spiritual realms of the chakra system.
Through the process of light perception within our physical sight, we are able to take in the images we see in the outer realm of physical manifestation, and process and store this information in the inner, visionary realm of perception which can be used in the process of creative visualization and imagination.
When our sixth chakra is balanced, we have the ability to clearly imagine and visualize the positive future which we desire. The images and visualization process flows freely, yet is guided by the structure of our choosing through the use of our mental processes. When the brow chakra is imbalanced, however, our visualization processes and imagination can either be non-existent or lack the structured guidance necessary to focus our energy into creating the future we long for – much like a ship out to sea, without a rudder, at the mercy of the wind and storms.
The most important aspect of the sixth chakra is psychic ability, which is within each and every person and can be developed through practice and patience. The third eye allows ‘seeing’ beyond time and space, giving us the ability to move freely between the interconnectedness of past, present and future, which manifests itself in the form of visions, images and cosmic insight and perception.


What are your favorite methods for working with the third eye?

How many times have we caught ourselves disconnected from the present moment and lost in the imaginings of our past (usually negative)?  The occurrences, conversations that we replay, thinking about what we wished we had said is imagination and visualization. Our past greatly affects our mental, emotional and spiritual state in the present. It sets the stage for our future behaviors, perceptions and manifested experiences.

When the sixth chakra is balanced, we are able to harness the workings of our minds and their internalized images. We can put them to good use by directing them consciously and with the constructive energy of spirit into the future of our choosing, which in time will be brought into the physical world of manifestation. An excellent book to read in the development and use of creative visualization is Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain, which has been in print for over twenty-five years.

Our sixth chakra is the center of sight and perception, but it also enables us to manifest the physical plane in a spectrum of color. Colors are made of lights which are created by various vibrational frequencies, and when these colored lights enter our eyes, they produce definite psychological effects. A perfect way to understand this is to think of the paintings of great artists throughout time. When we look at their work, we see fantastic images made of shapes and color. It is from these shapes of color that we feel and perceive the emotional sensations of the artist at the time they were created, giving rise to our own emotional vistas and landscapes.

Psychic perception and clairvoyance are by far the greatest strengths of the sixth chakra. Clairvoyance is the ability to see within and beyond the physical world of manifestation, into its energy field and vibrations. By developing this ability to perceive the interconnectedness of the physical and energetic manifestation, it enables us to see things as a whole in their entirety, whereas normally, we perceive only the individual parts of a person, object or situation.

What are your experiences with the sixth chakra and are these thoughts in a journal ?


Chakra 7 : Cosmic Consciousness – Sahasrara – (Thousandfold)

Element: Thought

Function and Purpose: Understanding

Obstacle: Attachment

Balanced Inner States: Crystal-clear perception, awakened and aware, intelligence, spiritually connected to Source, thoughtful, wisdom.

Unbalanced Inner States: Apathy; general and spiritual, disconnected from Source, rigid views and beliefs, confusion, materialism, greed, ruling and controlling of others.

Location: Top of the head

Color: Violet

We have now reached our final destination in the chakra system: the crown chakra. We started by planting our roots deep into the rich soil of the earth, creating stability and a solid foundation for ourselves. Next, we moved into the flowing, life-giving waters of our sacral chakra where we learned to balance and express our emotional and sexual natures in a healthy, balanced and dynamic way. We then entered the brilliant fires of transformation and personal power in the solar chakra, boosting us into the lush, green gardens of our hearts, enabling us to love unconditionally and begin our ascent into the realms of spirit. From our hearts, we grew into the blue skies and magnificent symphony of our throat chakra – the gateway to creativity and clear communication, where we climbed higher into the spiritual realm and into our third eye, developing our intuition, perception and psychic abilities and now, ascending to the the highest realm of spiritual connection, our seat of enlightenment and understanding.

Our 7th chakra, or crown chakra, holds the entirety of the chakra system which connects us to the universe of true source – the final step in ultimate spiritual liberation and the seat of our essential being. It is our true self which is beyond the confines of ego and reason and can only be experienced.

This is where we perceive the ultimate consciousness of the meaning and understanding of the interconnectedness and order of all things, essentially, it is the source of enlightenment.

The crown chakra, having its element as thought, is associated with the mind. It is the storehouse of all our belief systems and the matrix from which we create our own realities. These realities can be likened to a Shakespearean tragedy or the comedy of our modern-day jesters. Whether our lives are played out as a comedy, tragedy, or a satirical play, we are the stars and creators of our own living masterpieces. This is the power of the 7th chakra.

To create and manifest our individual realities, we must first have consciousness which has various layers and functions. But without any type of somewhat developed consciousness, our connection, transformation and powers of manifestation are severely limited and unlikely without awareness – the ability to silently and passively witness our thoughts and the inner workings of our minds. Through the development of our 7th chakra and awareness through meditative practices, we are able to join both the infinite and finite consciousness, bringing forth transcendence and ultimately, enlightenment.

 Would you like to achieve the ultimate enlightenment?



Consciousness in terms of our crown chakra, as well as all spiritual aspirations, can be broken down into two types: Perceptive Consciousness – finite consciousness limited to the physical, material world, and Absolute Consciousnessinfinite and universal consciousness of the eternal.

Each of our chakras has its own unique layer of consciousness, with our roots representing the dense, physical and material realm of manifestation, and our crown representing the realm of our spiritual consciousness and its ethereal manifestations.

When working your way up the chakra system starting from the root up to the crown, you are engaging the consciousness of spiritual liberation and manifestation – when working downwards from the crown to root, you are opening the channel of the physical, material consciousness and manifestation. However, in today’s world the primary focus has been on spiritual manifestation and largely ignoring the physical and material aspects. But this is a highly imbalanced practice. Spiritual and physical consciousness are both equally important and share a symbiotic relationship.

It’s only by opening our crown chakra that we are able to merge the perceptive and absolute consciousness that we are able to manifest ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience.

In today’s world, the self and ego have become celebrated and embraced and exalted like a movie star. This is the “I” we refer to, as in, I am angry,” “I am sad,” “I am scared”; it is the self-centered, fearful and smaller self that we have been lead to believe is who we are. This is where we really need to see our ego in its proper light. So, from now on, whenever you hear yourself use the “I” statement, pause and ask yourself: “Who is this I am referring to?” Begin to ask this question, and seek the answer, over and over and over again. This creates a gap in the stream of the “I” consciousness and slowly develops your awareness, allowing you to see the beauty of who you truly are which has merely been covered up by tarnished armor.



At no time in the history of man-kind has meditation been so accessible. It has become a part of our consciousness, and the fabric of our culture and society. There are books, seminars, retreats, classes, websites, podcasts, blogs, Google and YouTube; everything we seek is now just a mouse-click away. There are many forms of meditation, and it’s of crucial importance that you find the practice that resonates with you most. Below is just one method that I think is the closest in line with the opening of the crown chakra.

Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor, with your spine straight but not rigid, and with your eyes straight ahead. Pick a place on the wall in front of you where you can rest your visual attention. Next, bring your attention to your breath; the inhale and exhale, neither forcing nor striving. Just very delicately watch your breath. Sooner or later, thoughts will arise in the form of planning and strategizing, thinking about the future, past events, conversations or any other form of mental activity that attempts to take us from the breath – our present moment.

When this happens we are usually carried away with these thoughts as if pulled into a rushing stream, and we forget our breath. Gently, and without judgement or condemnation, bring your attention back to the breath, continually doing this moment by moment, day by day, year after year. Through this practice, gaps of awareness of the present moment are created and our inner mental screen subsides in its unconscious production of images and memories.

This leads to the opening of the seventh chakra, the final step in cultivating the enlightenment which resides within us all, finally realizing that enlightenment is a continuous journey of the precious moments that create the cosmic fabric of our lives. I hope you have enjoyed and grown through this series, and I wish each and every one of you a life of peace, love, health and happiness, creating the life you have always dreamed of having – the one you all so richly deserve.



Like the sixth, or third eye chakra, there are no specific foods associated with this chakra, since these two are of the highest spiritual planes. The best food advice for the sixth and seventh chakra is a completely balanced diet built upon all of the foods associated with chakras one through five. This will help open and balance each point, making it easier to reach the higher states of consciousness in the crown chakra and, ultimately, our spiritual awakening.


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