Doris Buffett, ‘Learning by Giving’ {philanthropy online course}

'Learning by Giving', founder Doris Buffett This accredited philanthropy online course launches this July 2013 FORTUNE -- The name Buffett is in the news, but the first name is Doris, not Warren. His older sister by three years -- that makes her 85, him 82 -- she is pursuing a decade-long interest by sponsoring a new, free, online course about philanthropy. The goal of the program, called Giving With Purpose is to teach college students -- and anyone else who cares to register -- … [Read more...]

Warren Buffett Says Women are the Key to Fixing the Economy!

Who wrote these words?   The moment I emerged from my mother’s womb…my possibilities dwarfed those of my siblings, for I was a boy! And my brainy, personable, and good-looking siblings were not. My parents would love us equally, and our teachers would give us similar grades. But at every turn my sisters would be told — more through signals than words — that success for them would be “marrying well.” I was meanwhile hearing that the world’s opportunities were there for me to … [Read more...]

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