Dan Pfeiffer, Senior Advisor to the President

MESSAGE FROM Dan Pfeiffer, Senior Advisor to the President Hey everyone, I don't usually write emails like this, and we don't usually send messages like this to this list. But I just finished reading the draft of a speech the President plans to deliver on Wednesday, and I want to explain why it's one worth checking out. Eight years ago, not long after he was elected to the United States Senate, President Obama went to Knox College in his home state of Illinois where he laid out his … [Read more...]

Karen Donaldson Inc. – 3 Tips to Deliver a Solid Impromptu Speech

Being Prepared to be Unprepared: 3 Tips to Deliver a Solid Impromptu Speech Have you ever been at an event or meeting, where you were not scheduled to speak, and then all of a sudden you heard: “And now I would like to invite [insert your name here] to share a few words.” You have just been completely blind-sided, you had no idea that you would be invited to address the audience or group, and you are totally unprepared. Have you been there before?? I sure have. The great news is that … [Read more...]

Women’s Empowerment in the Middle East and Worldwide

Women’s Empowerment in the Middle East and Worldwide UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet, statement at the Women’s Foreign Policy Group, 20 April, 2012 Washington, DC. Good afternoon! I am so pleased to join you again this year and I would like to thank Patricia Ellis for inviting me and for bringing all of us together. Thank you Patricia, and thank you every one for coming today, and thank you to Judy Woodruff. Last year when I addressed the Women’s … [Read more...]

WHITEHO– USE: Get the most out of the State of the Union‏

 JANUARY 2012 Good afternoon, LAST NIGHT , at 9:00 p.m. ET, President Obama will stand before Congress to give the State of the Union Address. He'll talk about where we are as a nation, and he'll lay out a blueprint for an America built to last.For weeks, we've been working to this point.The President has been brainstorming with the speechwriters and huddling with the policy team. He's come up with new ideas, rewritten language, and reordered pages. For President Obama, this isn't simply … [Read more...]

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