The Best Tech Tools to Help You Stick to Your Goals

Every New Year's Eve, you tell yourself that you will change. You will save more money, cut the carbs and manage your time better. It usually works great — until February. But now, with the power of technology, it is easier than ever to follow through on such pledges. Technology enables you to empower yourself to make real, lasting changes. No longer do you have to stay mired in debt, remain disappointed with what you see in the mirror or continually apologize for running late to the … [Read more...]

Women & Home-care, 10 App Store offerings for Holiday Budgeting

It’s no secret that between gifts, decorations and food for lavish meals, holiday expenses can quickly begin to add up. Keeping up with exactly how much you’ve spent versus how much you have coming in is an integral part of managing your budget for the holiday season, and is a task that used to be completed with an ink pen and check register. These days, however, the technology brought to the very tips of your fingers by Apple’s iPhone mobile device allows you to track and manage your … [Read more...]

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