1 Billion Likes For 1 Billion Women; Letter from Eve‏

Dear Risers...A Letter From Eve Dear Risers, We are two weeks away. Many of us have worked for months to prepare for our risings for justice. Some have just found out and signed up and some have created a rising in their school, center, place of worship, their block, in their office, factory, home or bedroom. Some are planning with coalitions, others with local groups, some with their best friends. Some are organizing to rise in squares, courthouses, mines, military bases, college campuses, … [Read more...]

International Mine Awareness Day – ‘Lend Your Leg’ Campaign

International Mine Awareness Day, UN Women Executive Director, Michelle Bachelet lends a leg On International Mine Awareness Day, UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet participated in the “Lend Your Leg” initiative to sensitize world leaders as well as people around the world to join the UN Mine Actions Service (UNMAS) campaign to prevent deadly weapons from causing indiscriminate harm to civilians. In contemporary conflicts, as much as 90 per cent of casualties are civilians, … [Read more...]

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