Elsa P: June 7, 2012 – Shocking News and Mental Pressure‏

Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer on Thursday. Expect a choppy transition as Mars in Mercury-ruled Virgo will square the Sun and Venus in Mercury-ruled Gemini, providing enough angst that some will act out. If you can hold yourself together, I would, as Friday brings relief in the form of a grand trine in air. Saturday brings us a cardinal T-square involving Mercury, Uranus and Pluto that will dominate the next four days. Mercury-ruled Geminis and Virgos will be shocked and pressured but … [Read more...]

Elsa P: April 19, 2012 – Self Esteem And Minds On Fire‏

The Sun leaves Aries for Taurus on Thursday, forming a grand trine in Earth with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is also in Taurus and if you don't like the Earth signs, you best hide under the bed through the weekend, because there is more to come. Friday is prelude to the New Moon in Taurus which takes place just after midnight on Saturday morning. If you're out Friday night, I'd be scouting for opportunity. Some think of Taurus as a boring sign. If you're bored by love, … [Read more...]

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