Derailed or Engaged?, Irene Becker

5 ways to optimize your potential…AND a self-test to determine if your potential is engaged or derailed. (Including 10 Bonus Links) 1. Reach. Use tools, strategies that help you redirect focus, and focus faster in the face of change, challenges and opportunities. Focus is the mother of success and creativity is its kissing cousin. Like money or nuclear power focus can be used to optimize or derail potential. Simple tools, geared to your personality, your learning style, your career or … [Read more...]

Toronto Women’s EXPO – Sunday, June 10th, 2012 – FREE PASS!

RANDI GOODMAN does it again !!! 10AM-5PM Days Hotel & Conference Centre 185 Yorkland Blvd., Toronto, ON A Celebration of Women will be participating in the Toronto Women’s Expo and are offering our clients, friends and associates a FREE Pass to the June expo! Need a fun day out of the house? Spend time with your friends? Want to find a new look, product or service? Want to learn something new for you or for your business? Participate in a Speed Networking Event to increase … [Read more...]

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