Women police climb the ranks across Africa

At 8 years of age, Sadatu Reeves came across photographs of women police officers in a magazine her father brought home from abroad. The empowered images sparked a deep-seated desire to don her own uniform. She pursued a university degree in criminal justice, graduating in 2004, just after Liberia’s 1989-2003 Civil War. Her family opposed her idea of becoming a police officer, citing low salaries and public mistrust, bred by the violence and rape carried out by some police during the Civil … [Read more...]

WOMAN of ACTION™ with ‘Wild Sister Magazine’ – 30 Days of ROAR!

 What is ROAR? WOMAN of ACTION™ - Cinda Stevens Lonsway ... is Taking Action for the Women of our World A ROAR! is a powerful life changing ritual. It is NOT a battle cry, but instead a cry for boundaries - a cry for protection of your spirit, the essence of who you are. It is standing up and giving voice to your truth. What is a 'ROAR!'? from Cinda Stevens Lonsway on Vimeo. Cinda walks you through the ritual of how to ROAR!. Empower yourself by finally breaking through that … [Read more...]

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