Live streaming of child sex abuse an ‘emerging threat’ in 2013

The Optional Protocol on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography to the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that child prostitution is the practice whereby a child hires out his or her body for sexual activities in return for remuneration or any other form of consideration. The remuneration or other consideration could be provided to the prostituted child, or to another person. The 158 countries who are parties to the Optional Protocol (at August 2012) … [Read more...]

Children Act Out Porn – No Surprise!

Activist's Journey To Life The Time is NOW to start protecting the Innocence of a Child Children in the UK have been acting out what they see on the internet - porn. Boys lure girls to parks to gang rape them, girls as young as 11 are expected to perform oral sex on line ups of boys - did we actually think that our perversity would not touch our children? Here is a Woman Taking Action to create positive change, starting with SELF: I forgive myself for accepting and allowing a … [Read more...]

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