Hepatitis Testing Day (2nd Annual) celebrated on May 19

May 1 marked the start of the month-long observance of Hepatitis Awareness Month. The observance is an important element of government-wide efforts to raise awareness about viral hepatitis and decrease health disparities by educating communities about the benefits of viral hepatitis prevention, testing, care, and treatment. Throughout the month of May, HHS and our partners who support the Action Plan for the Prevention, Care and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis will be engaged in a variety of … [Read more...]

FEB is Raynaud’s and Scleroderma Awareness Month – U.K.

Raynaud's Awareness Month - February 2013 We need your support to raise awareness of Raynaud's during this special Awareness Campaign Raynaud's is a common condition in which blood is prevented from reaching the extremities of the body, mainly the fingers and toes, on exposure to the cold or any slight change in temperature. A small number of people who have Raynaud's also develop scleroderma, a disease which affects the connective tissue. Scleroderma means hard skin but the hardness … [Read more...]


On October 14th the Toronto Argonauts host their second Annual Pink Game in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation as they race through the final month-long sprint towards the playoffs. Win the division, and the Argonauts get a playoff bye and are one game away from the 100th Grey Cup! The Argonauts face their eastern division rivals, The Montreal Alouettes, at Toronto’s Rogers Centre both with five games remaining, making this an exciting moment for both clubs to come together with … [Read more...]

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