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Catherine Anne Clark – Founder & CEO

Catherine Anne ClarkOur founder is a truly inspired visionary, a woman that through a journey assisting another young woman experienced her ‘aha’ moment. This awakening showed her that our world’s Women needed to begin the Celebration of Positive Action on our globe that is being accomplished by many unsung and sung women leaders. She created the first global central hub for women activist/philanthropists.

Armed with over thirty years experience as an entrepreneur, with a history ranging from hospitality, financial planning, global commodity trade, manufacturing, child care, senior care and of course – motherhood, Catherine now acts as advocate for the Women of our World, celebrating the milestones of achievement of our world’s women leaders working on the front lines creating positive change in all areas of life.

Through the creation of our Alumni of WOMEN of ACTION™, our advocacy, recognition, and celebration of these positive changes in the lives on this planet created by our members, we have become the first central global platform for all women leaders in philanthropy and their followers.

Her WOMEN of ACTION™ are trailblazers in this millennium, with hundreds of women leaders on all continents. Pioneering the new woman’s movement, a new paradigm of thinking that only through female leadership and the achievement of “Equality of Women among Women” will our world ever see a sustainable socioeconomic equality for any woman. A C of W has celebrated the lives of hundreds of women leaders are the globe, reaching millions of their followers. Each feature on this site showcases the lives, the woman and the work being done by her, with highlights of the positive ripples created by her accomplishments, through her drive to never give up on her mission.

Catherine Anne Clark, a mother of four herself, has devoted 24/7 to this mission since that auspicious day in October 2009, after two years of research into the study of women’s activities, challenges and successes globally.

She describes herself here:

“I am a human being that is consistent, loyal, persistent; always appreciating that I am a perpetual student of life.

I have an open mind that allows me to try new ventures, those that some – okay most would refuse.

This gift has enabled me to travel the world, raise four great children (19-32), fail and succeed at business, enjoying every second of the experiences that involved and in doing so much in less than 53 years, I have grown as an individual exponentially, in hindsight.

The strength in my life has always been the ability to see the goodness in others, and allowing for human frailty to just happen, with acceptance. “LOVE is my Religion”.”

Since the launch of this organization, Catherine has been blessed with writing commentaries, forwards for authors, speaking publically at schools, hosting symposiums and summits in support of creating awareness for all women, always working through a philosophy that once “Equality of Women Among Women” is achieved, a sustainable positive change will ripple through our world for all women.

Catherine’s dream is to build safe houses around the globe, inside the red zones working in partnership with her alumni members so to bring young women and children off the streets and out of the world of human trafficking, named Celebration House™.

A Celebration of Women™
The World Hub for Women Leaders that Care
Head Office: Toronto, Canada
d. 647 393-2125

A Celebration of Women™ Foundation Inc. has been registered in Canada under Ontario Incorporation Number 1845718 stamped PATENT LETTER APPROVAL AS A CHARITY – MGS dated March 21, 2011. Catherine plans to take this not for profit into a full charity by 2025, once funding has been established to break ground on Celebration House™



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