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A Celebration of Women™

is elated to Celebrate the Life of this Canadian woman leader, one that is being celebrated for rising above her own challenges as an international lecturer, counsellor & writer, living by her own words “I am passionate about helping people move beyond fear, to be free to live the lives they want.”




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Stephanie Marian

As an international lecturer, counselor & writer, Stephanie Marian from Vancouver, British Columbia … recalls “how passionate I am about helping people move beyond fear, to be free to live the lives they want”.

“I was born and grew up in Canada when an illogical but inspired impulse took me to the Isle of Skye at the age of 21. Scotland and that island claimed me and Skye remains the home of my heart. I’ve had a colourful life that included over 60 home moves, lived in 5 different countries, have two brilliant children and had at least one semi-brilliant husband.”

“I worked in many diversified career fields from marketing/business consultancy & sales, to yacht maintenance, cooking, working in pubs, selling gemstones and more. I’ve been lucky enough to find love more than once in my life, recently Rajasthan has found a place in my heart with Skye.”

Stephanie2“Whatever I’ve been doing or wherever I have found myself, I’ve been teaching.

As one wise person said to me years ago, “Don’t you think it’s time you actually did what you keep turning every role into?” Now I teach, counsel, speak, coach and frequently, inspire. That is what I really love.”

“In terms of pastimes, I like to travel, understanding a place through its people, enjoying new experiences and the revolution that starts from within. I have the greatest desire to get beneath the surface of things and a feel a pull toward the novel and eccentric. I read widely, walk not nearly as much as I should, practice kundalini yoga sporadically but consistently connect with others in a meaningful manner.”

Stephanie 3“For several years, I’ve been running workshops titled, “Moving Beyond Fear,” writing, counselling and speaking on this subject.”

Fear. It’s nothing without you. It takes space in your head, affecting your choices and how you see yourself. Whether in the form of anger, jealousy, hatred, insecurity, shame, guilt, frustration or something else; it prevents you from moving on. You’ve condemned yourself to a prison sentence with no release date….

“By doing so, you’ve also found an excuse to not really live, instead living through fear. It stops you from being present, in this moment, and it creates barriers with your work, personal growth, opportunities and in all your relationships too. Ask yourself, are you ready to be released?

Consider this – if what you’re doing isn’t working, isn’t it time to do something different. Break the cycle of fear and live the life you dream of living. What have you got to lose? Now imagine everything you have to gain.

Stephanie designed this workshop to takes you step by step through the mechanism of fear. It teaches you to see it in its many forms, understand why it’s there and ultimately, to move beyond it. Its practical and accessible for everyone.

“One night of some time past I was with a friend who was very unhappy with where she was in her life. As I drove across a deserted moor that moonlit night, I had nothing short of an epiphany. I understood that this conversation and the advice I gave, the understanding I shared and more…I’d done this so many times before, in a sense, I’d been doing it all my life. Not only that, I saw the commonality in each conversation, in what everyone shared that was holding them back – fear.”

“Returning to my cottage I wrote quickly before I lost the inspiration and the rough draft of the workshop was formed. One year later I cleared my life and began teaching, counselling and speaking. It’s straightforward, profound message has been transforming lives ever since then. Many have been surprised it could be so easy, one 8 hour course to change your life but the truth is always simple.”

“Since then I’ve been teaching the workshop, counselling and speaking to enable people to free themselves from what holds them back. There’s workshops scheduled in Vancouver in early December, in Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur in India in January/February of 2015 and in Perthshire and the Isle of Skye in Scotland in the summer of 2015. Please see below for contact details.”

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Comments by workshop participants:

“Honestly Stephanie, there was something very profound about this workshop in particular. I am so grateful to have met you and be touched by your incredible light and energy. You were so generous with your shoulder and your time. I can’t thank you enough. haven’t been the same since last Saturday which has sprung my healing journey into overdrive. I don’t think I’ll ever be the same which is a phenomenal thing for me.” – Nidhi (August workshop, Toronto)

“Before I took part in the workshop, it was like — like my feeling was done in my head, not my heart. Inside myself, I stood back from people, almost doubtful – watching. With the tools you shared with us, the stories and relaxation exercises, something in me let go. In the safe environment you created, with everyone being real, I felt myself open. The next day and since then I’ve experienced a transformation. I relate to people differently now and my relationships have deepened and grown. I’ve grown.” – Azmina (August workshop, Toronto)

“Dear Stephanie, I wanted to let you know how beneficial the workshop was for me. The biggest thing that came out of it was opening up my heart. I’m so much calmer, and even my tone sounds different when I’m thinking from the heart instead of the head. I’ve used this all week towards others and towards myself, and I noticed that the change is instantaneous! I’m immediately in a position of empathy. That immediately calms me down, takes the anxiety away, and melts whatever fear.

But it’s a celebration, and I’ve got more done this past week than in months past. I really liked the way you teach, you took the time to let us ingest, and express our experiences. You gave relatable examples. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. – Rizwan. (October workshop, Vancouver)

“I am so thankful for the counselling you gave me Stephanie. I brought me out of my shell and able to engage with the world again, with confidence. You showed me the fear and ego that prevented me from seeing myself. I learned to connect with my original story and discarded the illusions I’d been holding. You brought me out of my head and I embraced my heart and the wisdom that comes from that place. I have finally been able to express my authentic masculine energy. For helping me with this and more, I am eternally grateful.” -Angel (November, New York)

For more information on workshop schedules, to arrange counselling, a consultation, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 001 778 991 9396

Facebook/Business page:

YouTube Channel HERE.

“I love travel, understanding a place through its people, new experiences and the revolution that starts from within. I have the greatest desire to get beneath the surface of things and a need for the novel and eccentric. I read widely, walk not nearly as much as I should, practice kundalini yoga sporadically but consistently connect with others in a meaningful manner.”

Short video clip “An Introduction to “Moving Beyond Fear” with Stephanie Marian.



A Celebration of Women™

welcomes this powerhouse into our global alumni with open arms, looking forward to future collaborations, bettering the lives of all women, especially young women and girls; with her focus on removing fear awareness, education and removing fear as a human condition.



Brava Stephanie!


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