How to Get More Women into The Logistics and Trucking Industry

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Long-distance driving and delivery are a sector that is seeing huge growth, and one of the specific aspects has resulted in the diversification of the industry and an increase in equality in driver training.

One of the biggest specific changes regarding this equality and diversity that is being seen is the rise and rise of the female long-distance, courier and delivery driver.

This gender equality has been an ongoing process for a while; however, it has not taken route in the driver and courier jobs sector while the related jobs in warehousing, data management, administration, and event management have seen steady increases of women.

The next big ask is how these changes can be entrenched and spread wider.

The Changes that Need to Happen to Increase Female Participation

More Industry Awareness

There needs to be a lot more work done in the marketing and awareness creation of the long-distance delivery and courier jobs among young people of all genders. The more that school leaving youth are aware of the opportunities and possibilities, the more likely it is that more young women choose the sector for a profession.

Out of the 6 million truck drivers in the US, only 3% of these are women. It’s a statistic that we need women to be aware of and thus look to change.

Better Facilities En Route

If there is an influx of women into the truck driving, delivery, and courier jobs sector, many improvements will need to be made to the facilities, toilets, truck stops, and accommodation. It was an infrastructure still predominantly set up for men and male truckers, but if times are to change and women enter the sector, there would need to be material changes to this infrastructure along the routes.

Share Where the Jobs Are

From the local courier jobs and long-distance trips, simply click through to learn more about finding and applying for the best jobs in your state. Its jobs board such as these where, once you have registered and confirmed your details, professional drivers and couriers will be able to find work, no matter what gender they are.

This type of online trucking and logistics services will spread the knowledge as to opportunities and thus develop the up-and-coming women-led logistics businesses and owner-driver setups.

Truck Cab Designs to be Adjusted

It is accepted that women’s and men’s general biological dimensions and shapes differ. Women are generally shorter. Most traditionally designed truck cabs need severe adjustment, cushions, and additional booster seats to make driving for women a safer affair.

It is thus incumbent on the industry to recognize that there need to be changes made in this regard if we are to see more women in long-distance driving and courier jobs.

The trucking and logistics sector is specifically in dire need of drivers, and as such, it is in this sphere that we will need to see more change. The logic is clear, and if trucking businesses and the sector are to see growth and meet the current demand for drivers, the fairer sex will need to become more intrinsically involved.

This article has provided a few simple tips on how this can happen.

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