How to Customize Your Own Leather Jacket

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Leather, much like denim, never goes out of style, which is great for those who love jackets. However, there are different inspirations every year, and with fast fashion still making a prominent dent in our wardrobes, it is not uncommon to find several of the same pieces of clothing in our possession.

But do we really need this many items of the same clothing? Maybe.

But for those who have a leather jacket sitting in the closet untouched and a dream of a new style for the season, then why not put two and two together?

If you are feeling particularly creative, then read on to find out how you can customize your own leather jacket exactly how you want it to save on money and wardrobe space.

Prep Your Jacket

If you are going to customize a jacket of your own, then the first thing you will want to do is get it in its best condition before you go ahead and customize it. This might include washing it or just brushing it down, removing any stains, treating the leather, and preparing it for customization.

For example, you will need to prep your leather with a primer or a deglaze if you are planning on painting your leather to help the paint adhere to the material properly.

Invest in Leather Paints

Paints are an excellent way to transform anything, and you can include leather jackets in that list!

Whether you are looking to cover a lot of leather ground with a different color or want to paint intricate patterns or bold pictures onto your jacket, a good quality paint can make the very difference between it turning out just as you want it to look or having your design crack and peel. Check out Angelus paint for quality leather colors.

Thrift Some Unique Patches

Patches look great on a leather jacket, and you can get your hands on plenty of styles. If you are looking for a style that is trending now, current fashionable patches should be easy to track down online.

If you are looking for a more authentic or vintage feel to your jacket, then unique thrift patches from other clothes or even collect them singularly to use on your jacket. They can give a really cool customized touch that others will not be able to buy anywhere else!

Hot Glue Gun Extras

Get yourself a hot glue gun and get sticking any other embellishments you want on your leather jacket. This could be anything from fringing or lace to flat back crystals, beads, badges, glitter, or studs, just to name a few ideas.

There are no rules when it comes to hot gluing something on a leather jacket; just make sure that whatever you use can be washed along with the jacket.

Consider any additional materials you add to the jacket and how you will be able to maintain them to keep your masterpiece in good condition for a long, long time!

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