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Constant stress and chronic fatigue often cause such an unpleasant condition as insomnia. Its appearance deprives a person of the opportunity to work productively and worsens the emotional background. To combat insomnia today there is no shortage of medicines and popular drugs, the main component is melatonin. Compounding melatonin is a physiologically active found in most living organisms, including humans and bacteria.

The products are dietary supplements, non-addictive and do not require a prescription. Discovered in 1958 and immediately received the name ‘sleep hormone’, melatonin was considered a substance responsible for the quality of sleep and its depth. However, its functions are much broader.

Melatonin pharmaceutical compounding is a kind of regulator and stabilizer of all important processes and helps the body to function in a single rhythm. It is responsible for our daily biorhythms.

Also, the substance helps to regulate:

· temperature and A / D;
· cortisol levels;
· sexual and immune function.

More than 70 million people suffer from sleep disorders. This problem is very serious and can lead to a number of negative consequences, such as reduced energy levels, decreased performance levels, impaired immunity, increased blood pressure and even the development of diseases such as diabetes. Melatonin supplement should help solve the problem. However, it has clear indications for use and its use as sleep pills is advisable only after a comprehensive examination.

Indications for use of the ‘Sleep Hormone’

As a hypnotic, compounding melatonin is recommended only for certain types of sleep disorders. The drug regulates sleep phases, however, it practically does not affect the process of falling asleep. Most often it is used to correct sleep-wake rhythm disturbances when changing time zones.

Contraindications for taking melatonin are:

· hypersensitivity to the drug;
· hepatic or renal impairment;
· autoimmune pathologies.

The effect of the hormone on children has not yet been fully studied. Therefore, experts do not recommend using the drug for pregnant women, during breastfeeding and children under 18 years of age. Also, the agent should be taken with caution if the patient is prescribed other sleeping pills. While taking pills, it is important not to drink alcoholic beverages, as alcohol reduces the effectiveness of melatonin.

The dietary supplement is considered safe, and no serious side effects have been identified in studies. Melatonin pharmaceutical compounding may cause daytime sleepiness in some people. Perhaps this condition is associated with an individual decrease in the rate of its elimination from the body.

It is obligatory to study the melatonin compounding pharmacy market.

The Kennedy’s Pharmacy Botany offers Melatonin Capsules, which provide you:

· falling asleep after 20-30 minutes
· sleep without night awakenings
· easy awakening in the morning and the feel of a full rest
· regulation of night blood pressure

The Kennedy’s Pharmacy Botany melatonin is an effective and safe pill for insomnia. I regulate the biological rhythms of the body, increases mental and physical performance, stress resistance, normalizes blood pressure.

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