5 Ways That Owning A Dog Can Enhance Your Life

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We’ve all heard that dogs are a ‘man’s best friend’ but are they a woman’s best friend too? The answer is a resounding yes, absolutely! There are a number of benefits to dog ownership that are particularly valuable to women.

Lower Stress and Anxiety

Anxiety and stress among women in the 21st century are at an all-time high. Some studies indicate that this might be due to the fluctuating hormones of females as well the pressures of modern life ramping up. Whatever the reason, petting a dog is well known to reduce stress and anxiety levels. It’s also a way of getting some companionship without having to deal with another person!

A Reason to Explore Outdoors

Dogs need to be walked every single day, and walking every day is pretty good for humans, too!

Having a dog means that you will have to go out and walk often to facilitate the needs of your pet. You’ll soon start getting bored of doing the same routes over and over again, so you’ll find yourself exploring more and finding new places that you might never have discovered otherwise.

Feeling of Security

Women can experience a lot of fear and anxiety around walking alone or being in the house alone. These are two ways in which a dog can really make a difference.

Having a dog with you while you are out walking will help you to feel safer because you’ll know that your pooch won’t let any harm come to you. Likewise, if you are home alone, then a dog can help you to feel safer because you know that it will bark and alert you if someone were to break in, and that they would protect you in case anything did happen.

Plus, the feeling of having a dog around when you’re home alone is comforting, and helps people to feel less isolated.

A Sense of Purpose

Dogs come with a lot of responsibility which can translate into a sense of purpose in your life. You will be the one responsible for ensuring that your four-legged friend is fed and walked regularly. Not only that, but you will need to ensure that healthcare needs such as vaccinations and flea and worming treatments are taken care of. If you want to rest assured that your loyal companion will be properly taken care of no matter what, you can take a look at Bivvy.com for affordable dog insurance plans.

It’s worth shopping around when you are choosing a vet, as the costs can vary wildly. Veterinarians like easyvet.com are able to provide cheaper vaccinations because they don’t offer things like surgery, for example, so it’s worth making sure you choose the right vet for the right need.

New Social Opportunities

Dogs are people magnets. If you’re out walking your dog, you will soon find that people come running up to you to say hello!

Not only that, but things like dog training classes and dog walking groups are a great way to make new friends. Your dog really needs to socialize with other dogs, and so you’ll find yourself putting yourself into new social situations too, which can really enrich your life.

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