Are E Cigarettes Bad for You?

Over the past few years, the number of people joining the trend of using e-cigarettes has tremendously increased especially among young adults. This raises the question,”Are e cigarettes bad for you?”

Regardless of the popularity of e-cigarettes, the fact remains that they have both a good side and a bad side. Although research about this has yet to be completed, we are sure that vaping may sometimes be safe and sometimes risky. This depends on a variety of factors that we will examine. So, do you want to know what effects e-cigarettes come with, whether good or bad? Read through this article.

Are E Cigarettes Bad for You? The Bad

When you start to use e-cigarettes or when you have been using them regularly, you may have a lot of health effects. As said earlier, research about all this has yet to be fully completed, and so, it may take a while before we all comprehend the long-term risks. But there are some we are sure about.

· Lung effects – A lot of studies have shown how e-cigarettes affect the lungs. When used excessively, they may cause inflammation, toxicity, or even oxidation of the lung’s cells. Sometimes,vaping can lead to respiratory diseases.
· Heart effects – Are e-cigarettes bad for you? Do they affect your heart in any negative way? They sure do. Remember that thee-juice in e-cigarettes can contain nicotine, aldehydes, and more. When you inhale e-juice, the above aerosols usually affect the whole circulatory system, the heart included. Sometimes,a result may be increased heart rate and blood pressure.
· Effect on the teeth and gums – When one uses e-cigarettes, the teeth and gums are a major part of the body that are not left safe. A lot of studies have shown how e-cigarettes expose the teeth to bacteria, and this in turn puts the teeth at risk of getting cavities. Moreover, e-cigarettes have been proven harmful in that they cause inflammation of the gums. Not only do they cause inflammation, but they also cause irritation to the mouth and throat.

Are E Cigarettes Bad for You? The Good

In certain circumstances, they may be safe or good for your health. Much depends on the type of e-juice or vape juice you use.Nicotine-free vape juice with food-safe ingredients is ideal for your health.

· No Tobacco – Because some vape juice for e-cigarettes does not contain tobacco, they, therefore, can reduce the risks of getting diseases like cancer or heart disease or lung failure compared to the risks of using traditional tobacco cigarettes.

· Cause no odor – It is true that e-cigarettes do not emit any second-hand smoke or produce any ashes or odor. Because of this, they can be used in places where cigarettes are not allowed. The air around the vapor is safe for others to breathe.

· Affordable – When we compare e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes, we conclude that e-cigarettes are cheaper and easier to get.

If you look at more info on the web, you will realize that buying an e-cigarette and vape juice saves you money in the long run.

Final Say

If you have been using e-cigarettes for some time now and are wondering whether to quit or not or if you have not started and are wondering whether to begin, you should consider the above information. Are e cigarettes bad for you?

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