Quick Guide to Different Types of Bassinets for your Baby

If you’re expecting a baby, one of the first things you’re going to want to think about is where your new arrival is going to sleep. A crib is a common choice, but if you have less space or want something more portable, a bassinet might be a better option for you. They’re also usually higher up, which means they are ideal for women who have had a C-section and find leaning over the side of a crib difficult.

Bassinets come in several different styles – some with hoods or covers, others with storage, and some even have lights, play sounds, or rock. Here’s a quick guide to some of the main varieties. Whichever type you go for, remember that bassinets are only suitable for babies who can’t roll over on their own. After they’re around four months old, you’ll need to transition to a crib instead.

Freestanding Bassinet

A freestanding bassinet is one that stands on its own, often on wheels, so that you can easily move it between rooms or to different spots within the same room. Many also have space for storage of diapers, clothes, or other items underneath. They can be a little bulky compared to some of the other options but are more stable and resistant to tipping over. Lots come with canopies or hoods that you can pull over while your baby is sleeping.

Co-sleeper Bassinet

Also called bedside bassinets, co-sleeper bassinets can be securely attached to the side of your bed. They generally have one side that folds down so that you can have clear access to your baby while they’re inside. These are great if you want to have your baby as close as possible while you sleep, on a separate and safe sleeping surface, as long as you have enough room by the side of your bed. Some are also height-adjustable and have wheels so that you can easily use them when you’re out of bed, too.

Moving Bassinet

If your baby sleeps better with some sort of movement, a moving or swinging bassinet might be the best bassinet for you. They gently rock back and forth with a calming motion to help ensure your baby gets to sleep easily – and stays asleep. Some have different speeds or levels of rocking to choose from, while others add in nightlights and sound to create the perfect sleeping environment.

Multipurpose Bassinet

Having a multipurpose bassinet is great for flexibility. Depending on the exact model you get, it might double as a playpen, changing table, or a complete baby station, making it truly versatile and practical. It might also suit a wider age range, meaning you could get more value for your money.

Travel Bassinet

If you have a trip planned, a travel or portable bassinet could be the ideal choice. These tend to be lightweight, compact, and foldable for easy storage, meaning you can transport it from place to place easily. Even if you don’t want one for travel, just moving them around your home can be much easier than the other, larger styles of bassinet.

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