Car Crash Next Steps – Children on Board

Being in a car crash is not something for which we can ever be fully prepared. And for those who have never experienced the sudden shock of a crash, there are two things to bear in mind. One is that the deafening bang of the crash will scare you, and where there are children on board, the noise will likely render them terrified. This is normal, but it’s worth keeping in mind because you will need to snap out of it as soon as possible to deal with the situation. The second thing to remember is that once you have gathered your senses, and once you have checked for any serious injuries, you have a task list to work through, outlined below.

If you are reading this having already been in a road accident – whether there were children on board or not – and if you are still unsure of your options, remember that you can speak to a law firm for initial information. Want to know more? Then call a Lafayette car accident lawyer, for example. Otherwise let’s look at the checklist of actions that should take following a car crash with your children on board.

Take Photos

This is standard advice whenever a case involves a geographically specific incident. The reason behind the advice is simple – anybody could claim anything after the crash, but if you have photos to prove certain things like the positions of the vehicles on the road, the driving conditions, lighting conditions, the visibility of road signs or road markings, etc., you can instantly provide evidence that may benefit your case (if your mobile/cell phone is outdated or does not have a camera, this is as good a reason as any to upgrade). Take close up photos of the crash, and wider angle shots of the scene. Be sure to email them to yourself so that you have copies.

Take Names of Witnesses if Possible

You may have heard that eyewitness testimony is unreliable. However, where multiple people who are unknown to each other are able to provide descriptive eyewitness accounts of the accident, and where all of the testimony seems to tell the same story, the evidence can be used as part of your court case (most cases do not progress to court, but if they do, evidence that supports your account of your part in the collision is invaluable).

You can Claim on Behalf of your Children

Remember, children cannot begin personal injury compensation claims – adults or guardians must act for them. Many parents/guardians fear starting a claim on behalf of their child because they don’t want to put their child through the stress of appearing in court. However, where the other side was at fault, cases rarely progress to court, with most personal injury cases being settled outside of court. This is because the other side knows it will not win, and wishes to keep court costs down. Always speak to a lawyer to explore your options.

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