Gambling and its Bias Against Women

Gambling brings a lot of opportunities for people of all ages and genders. It is popular amongst youth as well as the older population. However, it is and has always been a male-dominated space. From the way that casinos advertise to the actual sexism going on at a location, there are many ways women are biased. However, there is a recent rise in the number of women who participate in gambling. It has partly to do with technological advancements. Also, that the world is modernizing and becoming more accepting. Let’s take a look at gambling and its effects on women.

The Role of Technology in Gambling

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The Harm Experienced by Women from Gambling

Because of sexism and male domination in the industry, women are prone to both physical and psychological harm from gambling.

There was a study in Austria in 1999 by the Productivity Commission Report. The report showed that one in ten women were at harm from their gambling activities. Since then, the percentage has increased. However, there are issues in studies such as this. Not in its results, but in the way that they conduct them. Researchers have found that the tools used to perform these studies do not show the true extent of the harm people face by gambling.

The UK later introduced betting shops. Since these shops were in public spaces, many women refused to go because they were worried about how it may appear to the public. Sadly, such an everyday activity amongst men is judged when women do it. It questions our knowledge about gender roles. Since then, female gambling rates have increased in the UK. The country even “legitimized” gambling for women. It is an excellent first step, but disappointingly late.

How Women Experience Indirect Harm from Gambling

Researchers have studied the psychological factors related to women who choose to gamble. They found that most loneliness and boredom were the main reasons why women gamble. Their choice to indulge in this activity is, in most cases, linked to negative emotions. However, this is not the case for the male population. Women tend to use gambling as a coping mechanism for anxiety and stress.

In a study conducted in Australia, peer pressure is another reason for gambling. It is becoming increasingly common among the younger generation of women. So, there is a facet of societal acceptance that comes with gambling. At least for some groups of women.

The Future of Female Gambling

With new societal norms and advancing technology, it’s safe to say that women’s participation in the activity will only increase. Casinos—both in-person and online—have already started to widen their audience. Casinos have changed the way they promote gambling. They are using women to lead their promotions. To add, they are offering additional opportunities so that the games are accessible to everyone. Certain online casinos are made only for women. These casinos focus on games that are popular among the female population.

Because of this changing landscape, gender roles are being abolished every day. It is a huge step in female inclusive. It will allow females to have more freedom over these basic activities. If we keep studying the effects and reasons why women gamble, we can develop better treatment methods for those who need it. For example, indigenous women, PoC, and older women may be at more risk of gambling-related harm than others. Many countries around the world are taking the first step forward.

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