What to Do if Your Dog is Acting Strange

Your dog is a very special part of your life and means a lot to you. The last situation you want is for them to be hurt, unhappy, or in pain. It can be nerve-wracking and upsetting for you when your dog isn’t acting like themselves.

Be glad to know there are steps you can take if your dog is acting strangely. What you don’t want to do is ignore that there’s a problem and assume that they’re fine when they may not be. Therefore, review the following suggestions so you can take the right steps to get your dog’s health back on track.

Stay Calm

If your dog is acting strange, then it’s in your best interest to stay calm. Avoid jumping to conclusions or getting upset over nothing. It’s not going to help solve the problem if you are anxious, and your dog senses this emotion in you. Instead of sitting around worrying, take proactive measures to help you solve the problem if you discover there is one.

Observe the Symptoms

After you calm down, you must take the time to observe the symptoms you’re witnessing. Write them down so that you can clearly communicate what you’re noticing to someone else if need be. Watch your dog carefully so that you can get a better idea about if what they’re going through may be severe or not. Educate yourself about some common problems, so you know what to be on the lookout for. For example, you may end up using canine hip dysplasia to explain some of your pet’s strange behavior.

Call Your Vet

It’s also in your best interest to not diagnose an issue your dog is having all by yourself. While reading on the internet can be helpful sometimes, it may also lead you down the wrong path. Therefore, pick up the phone and call your vet to explain what’s occurring and the symptoms your dog is having. They may have some useful tips to give you over the phone without even having to bring your dog in for a visit.

Take Good Care of Your Dog

If your dog is acting strange, then you should also invest extra time and energy to take good care of your dog. Your pet may require some additional love and support while you figure out what’s going on with them and get them the help they need. Make sure they’re as comfortable as possible and aren’t in any pain or discomfort.


Seeing your dog act strange can be frustrating and unsettling for you. Implement these tips if you find yourself in this situation so you can get to the bottom of what’s wrong with your dog and help your pet to feel better fast. You’ll want to do all that’s in your power to figure out why your dog is acting strange and to get them the assistance they need so they can make a quick recovery and get back to being the friendly and energetic dog they once were.

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