How to Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy

While your dog may be a faithful fun-loving companion that you enjoy spending time with, it’s ultimately your responsibility as their owner to keep them safe and well. After all, you’re the only one they can rely on for everything they need in life. Therefore, it’s crucial you’re equipped with the correct knowledge on how to keep them in good health.

As a starting point, you should be paying close attention to their sleeping, eating and drinking habits to determine whether they require medical attention. Any changes in these usual routines is often a tell-tale sign that something is wrong.

To keep your dog in the best of health, here are some vital tips that are worth taking into consideration:

Specialist Veterinary Care

The fundamental basis of your dog’s health and well-being is the level of veterinary care they receive. Ideally, your dog should have an appointment with the vet every 6-12 months for regular check-ups so that they are up to date with the relevant vaccinations and are diagnosed with new health conditions immediately. Puppies will need to be seen by a vet every couple of weeks in the early days to get weighed and receive essential vaccinations.

Exercise Everyday

Some dogs will need to be exercised more than others depending on their size, breed and sex; however, all canines should be walked daily to remain in good physical and mental health. If your dog remains active, they’ll be less likely to suffer from heart or weight issues, as well as keeping their muscles and joints strong. With that being said, it’s natural for older dogs to become less nimble and suffer from conditions such as arthritis, which is where CBD oil treats from may be beneficial in enhancing their agility.

Brush Those Teeth

Many dog owners overlook the importance of brushing their canine companion’s teeth; however, gum and teeth problems are a common health issue in dogs. The first inclination of any mouth-related health problem is bad breath, as the bacteria has built up around the teeth and gums may well cause infection to set in. If left untreated, the immediate effect is tooth decay but it’s not uncommon for the organs to become affected later in years. It would be wise to brush your dog’s teeth every week to get rid of plaque and bacteria.

Keep Them Out of the Sun

On particularly hot days, you need to be extra cautious, as your dog may be exposed to harmful UV rays and intense heat. Humans sweat to keep their bodies cool, but dogs are unable to control their body temperature which leads them to suffer from heatstroke. In the most severe cases, this can be fatal. If you notice your dog is seemingly distressed in the sun, move them to a shaded area and douse them in water until they stop panting. Applying a small amount of sunscreen to their nose and ears would also be advised to prevent sunburn.

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