5 Things Women Can Do to Stay Safe When Traveling

Many women would like to see more of the world but may put off planning their trip of a lifetime because they don’t have anyone to travel with. While some areas can be unsafe for women traveling alone, there are lots of places in the world where women can travel solo, so long as they take precautions. Here are some tips to help women stay safe when traveling.

1. Research Your Destination

It’s a good idea to do some research into your destination and how safe it is for women. There’s lots of information online about the safest travel destinations for solo female travelers, so plenty of places for you to pick from. If you have somewhere specific in mind, have a search around for the safest neighborhoods and check out travel forums. There will likely be lots of threads from women who’ve previously visited the country and can offer tips.

2. Pick Safe Accommodation

While you will no doubt want to be adventurous and live like a local, the sad fact is, women need to take more precautions about where they stay.

You should look out for:

· Hostels that have female-only dorms

· Airbnb properties that are hosted by other women – look for verified hosts who have gone through an ID check and read the reviews

· Hotels in tourist-friendly neighborhoods – if you’re nervous about sleeping alone in a hotel, invest in a portable door jammer for extra security

Safe accommodation is important when you travel alone, so you can get some rest and unwind without worrying.

3. Book All Your Extras in Advance

Women who travel alone should ensure everything is booked in advance where possible, so they don’t find themselves stuck along the way. Make sure you book your LAX airport parking in advance, especially if you’re leaving or returning late at night so that you can get a space in an official parking lot close to your terminal. Book an official taxi to pick you up from the airport at your destination so that you can get to your accommodation safely. You may want to avoid public transport or driving alone at night until you know your destination a little better.

4. Travel Light

Being a solo female traveler can, unfortunately, make you more of a target for things like petty theft, so it’s important to minimize your risk when possible. Avoid bringing any expensive items with you, such as laptops, and during the day, dress down and avoid wearing eye-catching jewelry or carrying a designer handbag.

5. Dress like a Local

When you’re deciding what to wear when traveling, consider what people will wear at your destination. Dressing like a local ensures you are less conspicuous, so you’re more likely to be left alone. This is especially important in countries that are especially religious. Otherwise, you may fall foul of local laws.

Traveling alone as a woman is certainly more difficult, but not impossible, as long as you do your research and get organized in advance. For every country you should avoid, there will be one where you can travel safely, so don’t feel like you need to hold back.

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