Six Thrifty Ways to Improve Your Home

If your home is looking a bit tired, or it just needs a bit of freshening up, then you’ll want to look into how you can update your property without spending too much money. However, that can be easier said than done. This type of work can end up being expensive, depending on the size of the required updates. What can you do to make sure that you don’t overspend on such a project?

There are a few tasks you can carry out as a homeowner so you don’t splurge on renovations — no matter what your budget. You can still make your home a great place to relax and invite friends and family over to create great memories together. Below are just some of the tasks that you might want to consider during your home improvement project.

Weatherize Your Home

You can offset energy costs by weatherizing your home for both the summer heat and the cooler winter months. For this, you could think about window stripping, adding storm windows, and investigating other energy-saving improvements. This means that the cold air can stay where you want it, depending on the season.

Look for Coupons or Deals

If you have regular repairs and maintenance that need to be completed, then write a list of these and keep an eye out for deals and coupons. You’ll be more mindful of these things if you have a list of jobs that need to be carried out. This could also be the case with appliances that need to be replaced. Take a look at Bealls coupons for such items.

Buy ex-Display Items

If you’re looking to get a new kitchen, for instance, then sourcing a former showroom kitchen can be done for a fraction of the recommended retail price. Specialist retailers will want to update their showrooms to show the latest trends, so nearly all of these displays will be replaced regularly.

You could also sell your old units online. If you decide to do this by auction, then try to time the end of it on a Monday night. Buyers will often do window-shopping over a weekend, bidding after work on a Monday.

Maximize Existing Furniture

Think about reupholstering your furniture by updating the color and styled materials. Using slip covers can give you an easy way to change the look of your furniture depending on the season or occasion. You can refinish wood or repaint it, too.

Do it Yourself

DIY projects are not just for those who are good with power tools or are comfortable with crafts. You can check out online tutorials, search videos, and look at satellite television DIY networks for information in order to save money and design or build items yourself.

Determine Your Budget

Do this before you begin. You will need to set a budget so you can apply boundaries for your home and wallet. When you’ve done this, you can buy a few pivotal pieces to center your room’s theme. Then use thrift shops and clearance areas for gorgeous accessories.

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