Ways That Kefir Can Help Women’s Health

Traditional kefir beverages that are made with kefir grains provide several benefits when it comes to overall health. With the latest research highlighting the added advantages of a gut bacteria supplement that is highly beneficial after and during pregnancy along with kefir’s role when it comes to alleviating urogenital conditions, here is more information on how kefir is beneficial for women’s health.

Urogenital Conditions

Urogenital health is not something many women enjoy talking about, yet it is something that women should be paying attention to. Cystitis and thrush, which are two of the more common types of urogenital ailments is something that has become more and more common in women of all ages.

Below is an overview associated with these conditions:


Also known as a UTI (urinary tract infection), cystitis results in stinging and pain during urination, foul-smelling and cloudy urine, and the need to urinate a lot more frequently. Cystitis is a type of bacterial infection associated with E.coli (Escherichia coli).


This is a type of fungal infection which causes soreness, itching, stinging and discharge. This is an infection caused by a yeast known as Candida.

How Kefir Can Help

Both candida and E. coli are classified as opportunistic organisms which means they colonize when the beneficial bacteria populations are depleted. We all have a microbiome, which is made up of collections of yeast, bacteria, and single-cell organisms that all contribute towards supporting our health. Most of these organisms live in our guts, but some are found in the skin, mouth, and vaginal canal. When the beneficial organism populations are favorable, pathogens like candida and E. coli are usually unable to grow fast enough in order to cause adverse effects. The beneficial bacteria create a protective shield against these invading organisms, and they also help to enhance and strengthen the immune system.

However, the beneficial organisms in the gut are also sensitive, which means the populations can start to deplete due to a low fiber/high sugar diet, periods of prolonged stress, and toxins from medications and alcohol. This is usually how thrush and UTI causing pathogens take over.

This is when kefir might be useful. Taking daily doses of kefir that is traditionally made has been proven to improve beneficial bacteria populations.

In goat kefir, there is also a compound known as Caprylic acid that can stop how thrush-causing candida grows, which makes it easier for your body to eliminate these pathogens.

Fortunately, you do not have to wait around for thrush or a UTI to strike before using kefir. Studies have indicated that the good bacteria, particularly the Lactobacillus species provides robust preventative measures against most urogenital conditions. Traditional kefir products are packed with Lactobacilli, making it easier to protect your body and your health from these harmful pathogens.

There is something important that you should know about E. coli and candida. They both love sugar, while beneficial bacteria thrive on fiber. Making the decision to switch to a high fiber and low sugar diet would be a good decision.

Using Kefir During Pregnancy

The microbiome, while you are pregnant, has an influence over your health and the health of the baby. A healthy microbiome is linked to lowering the risks of an infection that can result in preterm birth along with potentially lowering the incidence of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Excessive weight gain that occurs during pregnancy is linked with specific bad organisms like E.coli, yet not with the good bacteria which includes bifidobacteria and lactobacillus.

During the stages of childbirth, the microbiome of the mother passes onto her baby, which influences the health of the child directly. In a recent Norwegian study, consuming cultured milk beverages like kefir during pregnancy has resulted in a reduction in the cases of rhinoconjunctivitis in their babies and childhood eczema. There are many other studies that talk about the advantages linked to probiotic supplementation for the health of the mother during pregnancy.

Strong Bones

Bone density is vital when it comes to women’s health. Osteoporosis is a condition that women are susceptible to. Kefir contains high levels of calcium that assist with strengthening bone density. Kefir also contains a good amount of magnesium which is important when it comes to absorbing calcium into the bones.

Healthy Hair

Biotin is a commonly used supplement that stimulates nail and skin growth and producing healthy hair. Kefir also contains biotin which assists with activating hair growth and glowing skin. Kefir can also be used as a natural hair treatment that helps to increase the blood flow to your hair follicles when you apply the product to your scalp. Applying kefir to your scalp will also help to strengthen, stimulate, and moisturize your hair.

Kefir is not a miracle cure for everything, but good quality products from reputable suppliers contain many beneficial organisms that will help to increase the beneficial bacteria present in your gut.

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